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My husband and I are first time parents with a daughter due in August. We are both pretty reserved and private people so our original plan was to have just the two of us in the delivery room. This way it was more private and an experience we could share just between the two of us. We haven't told anyone this plan yet, but now I am wondering if I should invite my mom in. This will be her first grandchild and I know that she would love to be present, plus the extra help might be nice. But then I don't want to be in a situation where she is invited in during delivery, but my husband's mom isn't; I don't want to hurt her feelings. I am not asking for an answer, but what would help my decision, I think, is to hear stories from other moms. Was it just you and your coach (husband, wife, or whomever)? Did you have your mom in addition to your coach? Did you have your coach and both moms? Do you wish you would have done things differently? Thank you in advance!

  1. Manon1 week ago

    Hey there Missy! Hope you are doing great. First, congratulations on your pregnancy.Your wish of being a mother is going to be fulfilled in August.That,s great to hear.Well, at my delivery time last year, my husband is the only person there in the room, we had a great experience.I suggest you too that you should go with your husband only at your delivery time. In the end, the decision is your,s. Best of luck for your due date in August.Stay blessed.

  2. camillenanjala2 days ago

    One of the decisions every pregnant woman eventually makes is who she wants to have by her side in the delivery room. And since giving birth is an incredibly personal as well as momentous event. It can be complicated decision. Aside from doctors and nurses, who should be present? Many have a two-person rule (mom-to-be plus two). Others have no official limits and leave it up to the doctors to decide. But when it comes to dealing with potential crashers, the two-person rule makes a great excuse. Regardless of whether your hospital actually has this policy. By placing the blame on hospital regulations. You’ll be able to sidestep any possible hurt feelings. Beforehand, I told my mom that I wanted it to be my husband and me. But when the time came and she left the room, I wanted her back in. She’d been through this before and was so encouraging! My husband ran after her, and she started bawling when he asked her to come back.

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