Will my breasts ever look decent again after taking the surgery?

Ever since I had my first son last year I have been having saggy boobs. It has increased from B-cup to C-cup after breastfeeding my little one. My breasts have extra skin which look wrinkly and disgusting the rest of the day. What other tips should I try to keep my breasts same as earlier? I was searching a lot to know how to deal with sagging breasts and saw breast lift surgery( ). Will my breasts ever look decent again after taking the surgery? I would be grateful if any experienced moms would share their thoughts.

  1. Neha58 months ago

    Your breast shape is effected more by the number of pregnancies you have rather than by the act of breast feeding itself. Also, the change in shape due to a pregnancy will not be altered in any way by whether or not you have a breast implant. With pregnancy the breasts can get large and stay that way, they can return to their pre-pregnancy appearance or lose volume and become much smaller - this is all controlled by your own specific genetics. Obviously aging in between pregnancies also is a factor. As your skin ages your breast shape will change also. The fact of having an implant will not take away from what changes your breasts will go through during a pregnancy. So once you have your surgery feel comfortable with breast feeding. Of course discuss the risks of the surgery with your surgeon before you proceed.

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