Best Stroller for a Preemie?

My Daughter was born at 31 weeks+3, she is 8 weeks tomorrow. We have yet to get a stroller as I am not sure which would be accommodating for her and they do not sell a stroller individually for the car seat we purchased for her, only as a travel set. Can anyone recommend a good stroller for preemies?

  1. Cheerio7775 years ago

    An old fashioned looking one like a baby buggy I think. Talk to your pediatrician or babiesrus

  2. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    Go with a convertible stroller that has a pram attachment - or can convert into a flat lying pram. My preemie's airway would kink up if she was sitting up so for the first month or so she needed to be laying down. This is a great one because it goes from flat to regular.

  3. DannieBe5 years ago

    Thanks Ladies

  4. Cheerio7775 years ago


  5. Txcanuck5 years ago

    I have the Britax B-ready which has worked great for both my preemies (32 weeker and 28 weeker). You can get adapters to accommodate other car seat brands. It also has a bassinet option available. We found that we were fine with using the car seat and the regular stroller seat. Hope this helps!

  6. [ deleted account ]5 years ago

    We had a Britax B-ready later when we had our second (great as a double) and it's awesome. Wouldn't have worked for our preemie so I guess think about what your baby's tolerance for sitting upright is. Good luck!

  7. DanaAvram4 years ago

    What about this:

    Did you like it?

    This is Mima Kobi Snow white model.

  8. BabyStrollerr1 year ago

    I had a Doona baby stroller with my first kid and I really missed having the portability. With #2 and #3 kid, I used a Graco Snugride 5pt. With #4, I bought the Graco Safe baby stroller (higher weight and height limits). I recommend the Graco Baby stroller. He is now in a Britax Marathon RF but he can still fit in the stroller and he will turn two in July.

  9. Linnea Lopez11 months ago

    The website is good for all.

  10. ann_moraine4 months ago

    I love my city select ( You can use it as a single or double. You can snap a wide range of infant car seats in it. You can get a riding board attachment for it. It’s fairly light and easy to maneuver. The seats can be configured in several ways. The only downside is I have to take the seats off the frame to fold it.
    I also have Thule Urban glide (second here, which I used for my twins. And it has awesome harness. Twins were quite small, since they were preemies, and this stroller just literally saved both my mind and my wallet.

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