Buying a new car

I am planning to buy a new car. After a long discussion with my husband we have decided on getting Toyota Corolla LE Sedan. We are looking for a car loan provider. A friend of my husband recommended Auto Loan Solutions in Toronto ( Has anyone tried them? Do you have any other recommendations?

  1. Meema121 year ago

    hey, I read your post. it is the dream of every woman in o be a mother once in her life. she wants to care And do love to her children. she also wants to bring them up. not only you. its the dream of every lady. these surrogacy clinics prove helpful. they offer a special service to infertile. clinics are a blessing for women. Ukraine is making much progress in this field. I am also in favor of surrogacy clinics in Ukraine. they have highly professional staff. clinical conditions are also favorable. but one problem is their cost. expenses are much costly. but some clinics offer economy packages on first come first serve basis. stay blessed.

  2. Meema121 year ago

    hey, woods!!! hope so you are enjoying your moments. well, congratulations dear for a new car. we were also planning for a new car. but we are on the loss this year. I tried to a clinic. clinic seems to be good to meet first. but after that, I come to know about the reality of the clinic. my husband comprehends me not to go there. I didn't reply to him. I did what I wanted. I asked him about buying a new car. but he is not responding me now with a smile on his face. enjoy your moments with your husband in a brand new car. I will catch you soon. have a good time.

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