Christmas Gifts For Twins!

I am looking for some clothing gift sets to give as Christmas gifts. I would like something that is unisex and may be given to a boy or girl. My sister has twins who are like children of my own and I would like to gift them matching outfits! I have been looking online and places like Walmart, but I think the prices are way too high. I got their presents already but would like to gift them some clothes as well. I spent a lot more money on gifts for my own kids than I had initially thought so my budget isn't too great.

I've been looking online and came across this site, Wardrobe Steals. I found this pajama and slipper bundle that would be perfect for her children who love Sesame Street. Although the price is really affordable, I am a bit skeptical about the pricing and quality.

Anyone have any experience buying from Wardrobe Steals? Is the pricing a great deal or is there somewhere else I should turn to?

  1. camillenanjala1 year ago

    I have been to the website and don't feel if the quality is bad. Although I have not bought anything there. But it all takes to try out things first. Or you can go with amazon. There are many online shopping. If you don't want to specialize with gifts part. It is a good idea that you have thought. But for the twins. I would prefer you give them a matching set. I really like it when I see twins wearing similar clothes. It just relates them well. It also create some sense of belonging together to them. Which is something good. As small kids they will know love. Perhaps they don't even know that they look the same. But when they wear matching clothes. They will feel to be the same. It just brings the sense of belonging to each other. I have always wished for twins. But luck has never been with me. Since I have been through infertility in the first place. So when I got my one boy. Whom I got after 5 years of trial. It was a blessing. And he is as a result of surrogacy in Bio tex clinic. And it was like an answered prayer. I do hope you buy your nephews their present and they will be glad for it.

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