. Do we need to see a specialist?

. Do we need to see a specialist?

  1. alice00251 year ago

    A gynecologist may or may not have extensive experience in this area.
    Experts often suggest seeing a specialist if you:
    • Have endometriosis or damaged tubes.
    • Are considering pelvic surgery for any reason.
    • Have had two or more miscarriages.
    • Have irregular menstrual cycles or another reason to believe you do not ovulate regularly.
    • Have an abnormal semen analysis.
    • Are a woman age 35 years or older.
    • Have had a pelvic infection.
    • Have not conceived in two years despite normal test results.
    If you are already being treated by a non-specialist, request a referral or ask that doctor when it might be advisable to consult a specialist. If your current doctor makes the referral, it may smooth the transfer of care and exchange of information. Some health maintenance organizations (HMOs) do not include reproductive endocrinologists. Members may have difficulty obtaining a referral or having a specialist's services covered.

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