For the mamas here


I am Sharon, a mother of two kids. Happy to be a part of this forum. I run a daycare in Toronto. I would like to discuss everything relating moms and kids!

  1. camillenanjala1 year ago

    Hi there Sharon. You are welcomed to the forum. Feel relaxed as this is the best place to be. Whenever you need help. We are here for you. Whether you are going through infertility or not. Sometimes other people get isolated in the outside world. But here we give you the comfort. The care and support. Mentally upgrading you. Do not worry in any part of your expression. The better part is that we do not know each other here. So you are free to say anything. We will not judge you. Everyone make a mistake. Infertility is not a curse. It is ailment like any other. So here you can express whatever that you feel. Especially the shy people who are afraid of expressing themselves to others. Even to psychologists ior counselors. But here you have no worry that you are exposing anything to someone ypu know. It will rwmain confidential. Even if I tell someone. In which I cannot do. That person or I do not know you. So it will not hurt in any bit. Feel at home dear. You are in the best place you can be. Nearly all of us here have been in the same journey.

  2. Gomez1 year ago

    Hey. How are all. I want to share my step sister experience with you. When she is suffering from infertility. So many peoples can recommend us the different names of clinic’s. They cannot know the best clinic for us. They can roughly suggest the clinic’s names. But we can search another good clinic. This clinic is in Ukraine. There are so many qualified and well educated doctors. They can check the patients with satisfactory. They are very honest and good. They can work hard for the sake of the patients health. Nurses are so good they can take care of us like a family member.

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