Those ugly stretch marks

I know I still have stretch marks from having my kids but I discovered a great product that helps smooth out my skin and diminish the sight of those skin imperfections,bonus they also help me loose wieght while tightening and toning my body. Have you tried that crazy wrap thing?

  1. Tallegirl3 years ago

    I haven't because honestly they are total bunk. There aren't any secrets from the big boys. If wraps worked you can bet your bippy that the huge beauty manufacturers would be ALLLLLLLLLL over that. Buyer beware!

  2. [ deleted account ]3 years ago

    Hi Regina. How long ago did you have your baby? The reason I ask is because you might just need to give time a chance. I got a few stretch marks on one of my boobs and the marks disappeared a few months after delivery. No products necessary.

  3. Lady Sophy2 years ago

    Hi Regina :)! I haven`t tried this products but I'm also curious to hear some personal opinion on that. My friend who recently gave a birth is using a Freeze Frame Dry Body Oil and it seems that it`s working for her.

  4. MiaTaylor2 years ago

    Hi Ladies,

    I have the same problem and I've tried a lot of stuff, but nothing worked as I wished it would. @Lady Sophy can you tell what does your friend says about that Freeze Frame? Also, where I can find it? Thanks

  5. Lady Sophy2 years ago

    She bought it online here: but the good news is they deliver anywhere around the world. She noticed the difference in a two weeks but she was very persistent in applying it every single day. This product also contains liquid cocoa butter so it smells perfect :)!

  6. MiaTaylor2 years ago

    Thank you Lady Sophy! You are a doll! I'll definitely have to try it.
    Even thou it doesn't matter how it smells, it's definitely a plus (I love cocoa haha)
    Thanks again!

  7. NicoleNN2 years ago

    Hi girls. I'm new here :) I wanted to ask if anyone tried homemade remedies for stretch marks. I've read some posts about castor oil and mixing essential oils with coconut oil. Would that do the job?

  8. MiaTaylor2 years ago

    Hey NicoleNN, I never tried homemade remedies, cause I thought that they could never be as effective.

  9. NicoleNN2 years ago

    Yeah, I'm not sure either. I read a lot of good things about Bio-Oil. I found it on this health store and I'm thinking to give it a try. I'll let you know how it worked for me

  10. tara2342 years ago

    Actually NicoleNN i've been using natural cooca butter and coconut oil throughout my pregnancy and still got stretch marks, but it isn't very bad. I'm a strong advocate for coconut oil though- it's in my daily regime. I use it every night to help with the itching of my tummy and elasticity of the skin. Post pregnancy we'll see how well it works for marks!

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