Three month old won't sleep alone

Hello! I'm a new mom and have a three month old baby boy. Ever since he was born he has taken naps and slept with me and now I'm struggling to get him to sleep on his own. He falls asleep and as soon as I put him down he wakes right up! I've tried to put him down at all different points of sleep and nothing seems to keep this baby asleep! Anyone dealt with this and have any suggestions??? Thanks!!

  1. Raquel B2 years ago

    Have you tried one of those baby sleepers that you can put next to you in the bed? We used the bassinet pack 'n play and I just had it set up next to the bed. Our youngest was very difficult and used to get up almost every hour if he couldn't feel my hand. So needless to say I slept with my arm out for like 2 months.

  2. Jackie202 years ago

    Yes I've tried that and he does not sleep longer than 30-40 minutes if it's not in my arms or on my chest. I've been hearing great reviews about dockatot and was thinking about giving it a shot.

  3. Amberlynne Pearcy2 years ago

    Nurse in your bed (safely) and sneak away when he's asleep. At his age it's normal for him not to nap very long while he sleeps alone as he can't register one sleep cycle to the next on his own yet so be patient and remember that you're all he's known for 12 months so it's an adjustment that needs to be made gently :) Do you have a swing?

  4. Mommaoftwogirls2 years ago

    We use the Dock a tot for our 4 month old. I wish I had it with my now 7 year old! We co slept with her for a long time. The Dock a tot works well, it almost snuggles her so she feels like she's being held, but she's safely next to me!

  5. cjeap1 year ago

    Try the Nested Bean Zen Sack! It's weighted in the center to mimic touch and make your baby feel like your hand is on them, so they still feel like you're there. Their website also has a blog post about different tips and tricks on how to get your baby to thing I found helpful was using white noise. It really seemed to soothe him. The rest of the tips are here:

  6. callisy1 year ago

    Getting a baby to sleep in his or her crib can be a challenging task, especially if your baby is already used to sleeping in your bed or your room. Training your baby to sleep alone can be accomplished in a variety of ways, but there are some methods that are more common than others. Several weeks before attempting to move your baby into his or her crib, introduce set cues and habits that will let your baby know when bedtime has come. A set routine will help your baby know that it's bedtime, regardless of where he or she is sleeping. You can vary the routine as desired, making it as short or long as you need in order to help baby wind down. The elements you introduce into your routine should all be of a calming nature, however. Beginning the process before moving your baby to his or her crib will help your baby to associate the new routine with bedtime. As a result, your baby will still know that it's time for sleep even when one aspect of the routine. Sleeping in your room ceases. Be consistent. The only way to establish certain actions as a routine is to do them every night. If you skip some nights, you might give your baby mixed signals.

  7. Gomez11 months ago

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