Anyone who tried a makeover here?

Hello everyone!
Has anyone ever thought of a makeover?
I'm 36 years old and mom of triplets, 2 sons, and a daughter. I am very much proud of my kids, but however, I'm not that proud of myself. I weighed 62 pounds when I got married, but now I weigh 91 pounds and I am really very embarrassed by myself, especially after a college reunion, I attended last month. All my friends have maintained themselves pretty well and they mostly weigh the same as before. I am the only one who has gained so much weight and I also look older too. This is one reason I usually avoid going to parties. But sometimes it becomes so much impossible to avoid it. Now there is another wedding party in the month of February and I really want to do something about my weight before that. I was thinking of going for a mommy makeover . Because I don't think exercise and diet are going to give any quick results. Have any mommy's here experienced a makeover? Would love to hear whether it really works and how the procedure is.

  1. [ deleted account ]1 year ago

    You weighed 62 pounds?!

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