Bed bug attack...

Hi moms, I am happy to join this community. I am residing with my family in Toronto. It is said that we won't feel the bug bite and it creates a burning sensation in our body only after few days.

For the last couple of days, I am experiencing bed bug issues. My 3-year-old son was bitten by bugs and his arms and body were developed with red welts and itchiness. I didn't recognize it until my son started crying. His body was swelling too. We immediately took him to the doctor. He gave us a corticosteroid cream to reduce the itching feel. I am just wondering how these bugs get access into the bed?

My friends suggested getting the help from one of the power pest control( services to get rid of them. What do you guys think about this? What are the measures to be taken in future? Help me and looking forward to your kind replies...

  1. Violet_hidgon1 year ago

    Hi Magda, nice to have you here. Feel so sorry for your son. Hope your son is fine... Bed bugs are really disgusting and it can easily get access to bedroom clutter and luggage. Vacuum regularly and since you found them on the bed it is better to monitor the house with help of some professionals. Wise decision and take care.

  2. callisy11 months ago

    I struggled with bed bugs for more than a year. When I finally made it I was happy. They can be such a nuisance. An embarrassment too. I do not know where they came from. When I moved in with my husband they were not there. Then after a year the attack started. Thanks God I don't have any child. I am sure they could be causing much more discomfort to them that what they are doing to me. I called an organization that deals with pests. Before that my DH and I tried our best. But nothing changed. So later an organization dealing with pests came in. It helped for a while then the situation came back. I think they just killed the live bed bugs alone. Then the eggs when they hatched they started hunting us again. So we had to call them for the second time. They had to do 3 spraying after each week. This is to kill even any eggs that were left behind. This helped. Till today. I hope you can apply the same.

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