Best wishes to all,

Wow I feel so privileged to be able to share this with you. We have had a very long journey, and I would like to give a glimmer of hope to anyone who reads this.

Back in June of 2015 DH had a vasectomy reversal, and a few months later we got a bfp. Every thing was on time and doing well until I had a level 2 u/s that revealed chromosomal problems. at 13 weeeks I had a D+C. 2 months later in the beginning of Jan. 04' we were PG again, only ended up as a chemical at 6 weeks. We tried for 10 more months with nothing. We started seeing an RE, did rounds of Clomid, injectibles, IUI's. Has an HSG in Jan 05' that revealed a blocked tube. Decided to go with IVF w/ PGD embryos, and bypass the whole thing. Unfortunately it failed too. We started looking into international adoption, had an appt with an agency, shortly after I had an especially painful AF. Which got me to thinking about how I never got any definitive answers as to why? I started researching endometriosis at the end of August, got a lot of information on these boards ,(thanks, Lauren!!! ) and talked to my RE about having a laparoscopy done. I had mine done on 9/2, and skipped that cycle ttc. This was our first cycle after the lap to try and it worked!! My beta and progesterone looks good so for now we are thrilled! Praying for a healthy, sticky bean!

Best wishes to all,

  1. Boone1 year ago

    My best wishes are for you. It's all going to be very good for you. You don't need to be worried now. You have suffered pretty much. I just want to tell you that please be strong. Your body condition has very much to do with your condition. You just keep yourself happy then that would be very helpful for you. Patience is much important in this case. I am very sorry for what happened. The good thing is now everything is back on track. Best of luck.

  2. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    WOW! That's really fine...I feel sorry for what you've been through. But, trust me, dear. It's really tough to go with...Thanks for this amazing post. I'm happy to get warm wishes from you. Stay blessed. More baby fust towards you. xx

  3. callisy1 year ago

    Unfortunately, there is no known cure for endometriosis. However, the symptoms can often be managed with painkillers or hormone treatment. Which help prevent the condition from interfering with your daily life. Surgery to remove patches of endometriosis tissue can sometimes be used to improve symptoms and fertility too. Treatment may not be necessary if symptoms are mild
    The surgery for endometriosis shouldn't change that. If you want to get pregnant, you will need to discuss options with your doctor. That could require surgery or infertility treatments. The majority of women with endometriosis who wish to get pregnant are able to do so. Either with or without some medical treatment for the endometriosis. When you are pregnant, the painful symptoms of endometriosis may reduce or disappear. However this effect is not likely to last after pregnancy and breastfeeding have finished.

  4. PageElvy6 months ago

    Best wishes to you too!
    Our sticky bean was sticky enough! :) OUr surrogate mother is pregnant. And it is our 1 and only surrogacy round. We are amazed and really happy. We really did not expect this to happen.
    But I want to second this as well. this forum contains a lot of useful advice on surrogacy and motherhood overall. Love this place.

  5. DiannaViktor4 months ago

    Best regards! I really am happy after reading the post! Makes me wonder, how strong women can be! I'm also undergoing Michodria donation next month at a centre in Ukraine, Kyiv! So, yeah! Pray for me ladies! Can't wait to get better and get it done. Having the journey of TTC was really not easy for me all this along...

  6. MarianaK3 weeks ago

    Hey, there! I'm glad you made this post. It makes me very happy. Good luck to you on your journey. I hope you get to witness lots of happiness. You can do this, trust me! My prayers are with you.

  7. MirandaD4 days ago

    I am glad that things are finally working out for. I too had to research a lot. There is soo much that a person has to look into. Previously I was always hesitant to visit a new doctor. I always liked staying in my comfort zone. However, as soon as that change. Things got a lot better. Hoping for the best.

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