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Hi everyone. Writing this post to share a big news about me. My son is finally walking. It is a huge news for a mother and I know other mommies can relate. He is nine months old and already tired of his parents chasing him around with a camera. He is just so adorable. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. My baby is growing up so fast. Why is it that mothers get so emotional at things like this? we just don't want our little honey buns to grow up. They are so adorable. It's just a matter of time until he starts speaking and running around. He watches moana, his favorite movie. He starts jumping with happiness every time I put it on. He is such a happy baby. I'm so thankful to god for him.

  1. Beverlyquin1 year ago

    Hi Melissa! Watching your child grow up is the best part of any mother's life. I remember when my baby boy was little. He had problems with everything. He was not like other babies. He liked watching wildlife more than cartoons and instead of playing toys he played computer games, I was like i can't blame you because yes that's how I was in my childhood. Children are a blessing from God.

  2. TheOptimistic1 year ago

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  3. melissastan1 year ago

    Truly. I'm so happy to know and see stories of other mothers. It makes me really happy. I feel so blessed to have my son. He is growing up so fast. I try and cherish every moment with him. Its only a matter of time till he becomes a big boy. This feeling of pure love is truly out of this world. Every child is different. And they are also very special in their own specific way. I'm so glad we all get to experience this beautiful time. Children really are a gift from God. My son shows his love to me all the time. He tries to hug me and hold me it just really melts me. I make so many videos of him and take pictures. I'm so sure it annoys him but I cant help it. He's just so adorable all the time.

  4. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    OMG!!! You're so lucky! That's such a great news! I really wish you all the best! Sending a lot of love for your baby....I'm also having an IVF later this year at Ukraine. I'll be having a child through that...I really wish to have a child...Wish me luck dear. xx

  5. MirandaD4 months ago

    Congratulations to you! This is soo amazing. I can understand how excited you must be. Good luck to you. I hope you are able to see him pass many levels of his life. I am in the middle of the process. Really hoping it works for us. Good luck to you again.

  6. PageElvy2 months ago

    Oh my god! How cute!
    I am so happy for you! This is all I have been dreaming about. I want to share such amazing and cute stories about my kids as well. Fingers crossed everything works out for us, too.

  7. Malinee2 months ago

    Congratulations to you, honey! This is superb news. I'm really happy for you. It only seems like yesterday, that you posted about him. What a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it with us. It fills my heart with joy. Hopefully, I get to experience this too!

  8. Railee2 months ago

    I followed your journey. All of it from start to finish. This post makes me quite bittersweet. I am really happy for you. Don't get me wrong! I just hope I get some luck, too. About time, I guess! You've managed to have a tough TTC journey and conceive. Given birth and now your baby is walking! What a lovely story, honestly! I hope my luck turns around. I'd love to go through this, too. Thank you for sharing this with us. These posts are a true mood lifter. Keep up the good work. You've deserved this happiness.

  9. MarianaK3 weeks ago

    Congratulations, honey! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you chose to share your happiness with us. He must be so adorable! Enjoy the fruits of motherhood. It really is a wonderful feeling. Here's to more happiness and luck to all other women trying!

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