Cellulite problem.

Anyone here facing problem with cellulites??? I'm facing the same too...Do you think cellulite is hereditary? I did a research on this topic and got confused. Some say that it's because of unhealthy fats and sugar. Others say it's hereditary. The one thing I did find consistent is that it is not caused solely by having a high-fat percentage. So skinny people can have bad cellulite too.
I tried several natural methods to get rid of it such as scrubbing the affected area with natural ingredients. But nothing went well. I'm really embarrassed to wear shorts and swimming suits because of this dimpled skin. Now I'm planning to undergo body contouring from a medical spa near Toronto . But I'm afraid of its side effects too. What is your opinion about it?

  1. ann_moraine7 months ago

    Keep in mind that there's technically no such thing as cellulite. It appears because of collagen strands interlaced among the fat tissue.
    A lot of times you can't get rid of cellulite, but there are things you can do to make your legs look better. Like toning the muscles under it, so you don't have the saggy appearance.

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