facing trouble in conceiving

Hellomamas! If you are reading this post, chances are you are facing trouble in conceiving or that you are infertile like me If so, well, that is sad then. But we are not going to cry today, are we? Why? Because we’ve done that already. Today, we will discuss the alternatives that are available to us. We will talk about the best alternative too. The best clinic/institute to attend to. Everything in one single post. Yay! What’s the wait then, let's jump right at it. In today's times, because of many diseases and unhealthy/unnatural lifestyles, many couples are facing issues in conceiving naturally. Some are completely infertile. The only thing that they can contribute to the process of birth is their sperms/eggs. Sadly, some don’t even have this option available to them. We know for TTC couples, IVF is the best option. For the later one folks though, having infertility, they are recommended to go for the surrogacy. I am sure you all know what surrogacy is and how it works, don’t you? If not, leave a comment and I'll be sure to make a reply with a comprehensive answer. For now, I believe you know that already. Best place for surrogacy... Ukraine. Or other European countries. However, I personally think Ukraine is the best. Surprisingly enough though, its success rate is equal to the US clinics... Best thing is that they offer the most economical option for surrogacy. While you spend maybe 15000 USD in the US, you can get the same results in half the price at a clinic in Kiev (Ukraine). This is my personal experience. Now, I want you ladies to comment your experiences and help spread the word. Thanks all for giving this post a read

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