facing trouble in conceiving

Hellomamas! If you are reading this post, chances are you are facing trouble in conceiving or that you are infertile like me If so, well, that is sad then. But we are not going to cry today, are we? Why? Because we’ve done that already. Today, we will discuss the alternatives that are available to us. We will talk about the best alternative too. The best clinic/institute to attend to. Everything in one single post. Yay! What’s the wait then, let's jump right at it. In today's times, because of many diseases and unhealthy/unnatural lifestyles, many couples are facing issues in conceiving naturally. Some are completely infertile. The only thing that they can contribute to the process of birth is their sperms/eggs. Sadly, some don’t even have this option available to them. We know for TTC couples, IVF is the best option. For the later one folks though, having infertility, they are recommended to go for the surrogacy. I am sure you all know what surrogacy is and how it works, don’t you? If not, leave a comment and I'll be sure to make a reply with a comprehensive answer. For now, I believe you know that already. Best place for surrogacy... Ukraine. Or other European countries. However, I personally think Ukraine is the best. Surprisingly enough though, its success rate is equal to the US clinics... Best thing is that they offer the most economical option for surrogacy. While you spend maybe 15000 USD in the US, you can get the same results in half the price at a clinic in Kiev (Ukraine). This is my personal experience. Now, I want you ladies to comment your experiences and help spread the word. Thanks all for giving this post a read

  1. Stacyhull1 year ago

    Yes, you are right we should find alternatives now. I am tired and now all I want to have a baby in my life. Many couples are just waiting for the best possible way and best possible clinic. Yes I heard a lot about a clinic in Ukraine they are very supportive and they provide a lot of protection and they handle legal matters very well. We are planning to visit Ukraine as soon as possible to inform me about your dates. I am looking forward to your reply.

  2. MaryHover1 year ago

    Hi, there dear. Well yes, this is right. It's no more crying. I think we must think of alternative ways now. The best methods are there. Some of them we could afford. Some we could not. We could all see them and chose what is good for you. Best of luck guys. Take care allot of yourselves. I hope you guys understand this.

  3. KathleenChang1 year ago

    I am glad that finally, someone posted this! It truly is the time that we start sharing our problems. Let's not make this a taboo. We all, after all, are trying! That to me is what is important! We haven't lost hopes till yet and we will not! After a lot of problems with conceiving I have also decided to go for embryo treatment.

  4. LindaEskridge1 year ago

    Hey there. I hope that you're doing good. Okay, so I'm really glad that you shared such thing here. Getting pregnant is really hard. I haven't experienced this. But I totally understand this. I've seen women crying over their infertility. The family is basically a goal for everyone. Everyone wants to have it. Everyone wants to achieve this ultimate goal. Thanks to the fertility treatment. Treatments like IUI and IVF have really helped women out. They give a chance of conceiving to those who can't. The one wonderful thing in this regard is Surrogacy. Tthe greatest benefit is it's giving power. So yes couples must go for it. But I've also heard some people calling it unethical. Okay, I know a person must do every possible thing to have children. But is this true that it's immoral? A little help would be so great. Thank you so much!

  5. Jasmine221 year ago

    Finally, finding a little hope that i am not the only one who is facing this kind of problem in her life. You are really going through from difficult situation. I'm trying to conceive from a long time. It's quite depressing now. Having a baby in life is very important for women. I can feel your problem. I find no meaning in such life without having a baby. Now i'm just wondering for some convenient way to solve this problem as soon as possible. Don't loose hope just keep finding the way to solve your problems.

  6. Boone1 year ago

    You are right dear. I also experienced this thing. It costs me allot there when I asked. Similarly like you I tried it from Ukraine. They told me that it's worth trying. Yes it is. I am now successfully under process from clinic in Ukraine. I am hoping for best now. Congratulations to you as well dear.

  7. Leslie Hanson1 year ago

    Hi everyone! I hope anyone and everyone reading this is in good health. I can speak from my own experience too when I say that TTC women really need an outlet where they can share their stories. It is very depressing when one is unable to conceive or is facing problems. I did too for the longest time and was finally able to get out of my tough period when I read a similar post to this one. I found my surrogate in Ukraine and thank almighty, my husband and I finally took a breath in peace! I hope everyone can find the best-suited option for them. Till then, take good care of yourself ladies! I wish you all the best! xx

  8. asmae1 year ago

    Hey Ladies, glad to see this positive and constructive discussion over here. Yes now a days it is a common issue of infertility causing a huge disturbance in our lives. But many many thanks to the makers of this kind technology and their caretakers. I saw above that someone is told that having a baby is immoral and unethical by IVF or Surrogacy. Yes some countries have some legal complexities over this but its not forbidden anywhere as far. iI mean how could it be illegal in any case morally. If someone can't have a baby naturally and they want it by such tech treatments then it will gonna an immoral practice ? No It's like that it is a basic human right tough. I think its a great to experience such treatments if anyone you didn't get any positive results in past. Having a family is woman's biggest desire and it's a huge depressing moment for any woman to not having her own baby. But now such treatments i wrote above are the best ones to have. As per my recommendation i will suggest to have this treatment from Ukraine because this treatment is far common and cheap over there.

  9. Jasmine221 year ago

    Hey every one, I am very happy to see this positive and informative discussion here. I am getting many useful information from your post.We have to find the other best ways to have a baby. In order to do such kind of work we should have all the information regarding this. Many women are discussing the same problem, and many are waiting for the right time to come. This is some thing very important to know for all of us to have a baby.

  10. TheOptimistic1 year ago

    Good job Samona, you have done a commendable job dear. It was really needed by the people facing the challenge of infertility. Infertility is the inability to conceive the happiness. This does not mean that this locked door cannot be opened. Grief and sorrow have to be faced with patience. The ability to endure the hardships becomes really easy if we move towards them with courage. It is the comfort and convenience of the medical science that we are able to witness the infertile couples conceiving after IVF and surrogacy. In this journey of infertility what matters the most is good thoughts. Undue stress and anxiety reduce the chances of coping with the situation well. Spouse support is also essential. Be your partner's strength in this time of turmoil. A proper medical advice is also essential. Before taking any decision it is important to check for yourself. Take into consideration all aspects and that decide which option is the right option for you. It is also very important to choose a right clinic for your treatment. Search vigilantly to choose the best clinic both in terms of facilities and the expenses. If you are choosing for surrogacy do get the information that whether it is legal in your country or not. The best remedy of the infertility is in your own hands.

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