Hello everyone

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I just came online to get your best wishes. I just really need prayers now. I've done everything myself. I've booked an IVF for upcoming JULY. I'll be flying to Kiev, Ukraine for it. We couldn't afford it here in the USA. So, I'm going to Ukraine for it. They have a really good clinic there named biotexcom. I've been referred by someone and I'm going to be there. I hope it works out for me. All I need is prayers and luck now. Wish me luck ladies!

  1. DiannaViktor3 months ago

    Hi dear! Well, that's really great to hear...I've also opted for an IVF this year. Well, I think you're going the right path. Plus, yeah! The U.S is pretty expensive for the procedures I agree. That's why I've also opted for Ukraine. I've also heard a lot about Biotex...Is it in Kiev? Because, my hubby has also applied for three clinics in Kiev, Ukraine. We are currently waiting for their replies...Anyway! Stay blessed..xx

  2. callisy1 month ago

    There is much you can do to prepare your body. Both physically and mentally for IVF treatment. Doing so can increase your chance of success and minimize the side effects of infertility drugs. Ideally start to prepare 3 months in advance of your treatment. Or at a minimum one month in advance. If you have already been through one IVF cycle. Allow at least one month to pass before trying again to give your ovaries a chance to recover. Follow a liver-detox program for about 10 days to clear out your system. This will help your body deal with the fertility medications you need to take. If you are overweight (or seriously underweight) for your height. Improve your diet and try to lose (or gain) weight. Invest in one of the best multivitamins that you can afford. It should contain selenium, magnesium and zinc. Some female infertility problems have been linked to zinc deficiency. In the weeks approaching your IVF cycle. Try to sleep as much as possible to buildup your reserves of energy.

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