help me :( :(

.i cant convieve guys problem is not with me it is with my hubby  and I don’t know what to do why it is happeining with us?

  1. patty0021 year ago

    Hi!! may be your husband is suffering from infertility and causes are some of here follows
    • Abnormal bulging veins in the testicles, known as varicoceles, are the most common cause of male infertility, and can result in low sperm production and poor sperm quality.
    • The shape and size of sperm, known as sperm morphology, affect the sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg.
    • Chromosomal or genetic issues that affect sperm production may result in low sperm count and concentration in semen.
    • Low sperm motility (movement) also makes it difficult for sperm to travel to and penetrate a woman’s egg.
    • An imbalance in testosterone or other hormones.
    • A natural physical blockage – or surgical vasectomy – in male tubes (vas deferens) that carry sperm from the testicles to mix with semen before ejaculation.
    • Retrograde ejaculation, a disorder that prohibits semen from properly ejaculating outwardly, does not allow sperm to leave the man’s body.
    • Emotional and psychological conditions or spinal cord injuries may result in impotence and cause infertility in men.
    • Cancer treatment can cause male infertility (men preparing to undergo radiation or chemotherapy are strongly advised to consult a reproductive endocrinologist or oncologist regarding sperm freezing).
    I hope I could able to help you out god bless
    :) :)

  2. serra1 year ago

    hey. hope you are doing fine. you can go for infertility treatment. There are so many renown clinics and hospitals for fertility treatments. It's always a dream of married couples to have babies. If such treatment doesn't work. You can go for surrogacy using a sperm donor. A clinic in Ukraine best for surrogacy procedure. My sister went for surrogacy from the same clinic. She had uterine polyps so to have a child she chose surrogacy. Now she has a daughter. She went there and she was provided a surrogate mother of her choice. It's not bad to have babies from such procedures. If you want to have babies don't waste time just go for it. Hope this would work.

  3. Boone1 year ago

    It's not just with you guys. It could happen to anyone. It's just how it is destined. Of course, you are worried. What else we could do but nothing. I think your problem has only one solution. You should adopt. That way you are going to help the others as well as you got your baby. I don't see another option for you. This is my sincere advice. I think you guys should take it.

  4. DiannaViktor11 months ago

    Hi dear! Well, don't get tense! So, have you guys considered him getting tested? I mean it will be better..or have you guys considered get sperm donated from a bank? I mean if that's the issue. Last year my cousin sister also had surrogacy at a repro center in Ukraine...As the couple was infertile and not able to conceive naturally...

  5. emma22810 months ago

    Hey. Don't worry. Whether it's your problem or your husband's. Surrogacy is the method by which you will have your own biological baby. I suggest you a clinic in Europe. It's the best clinic. My husband was also infertile. We decided to go for surrogacy in Europe. They provided us a healthy surrogate. Who gave birth to our child. We are enjoying parenthood now and we are so happy. I suggest you go for this without any delay.

  6. ewoods7610 months ago

    Infertility is very common these days. It effects one out of six couples. There are lots of treatments available for infertility now. Consult a good doctor, he'll help you figure out what to do. You can also go for surrogacy if nothing else works out.

  7. Monkey's Mama10 months ago

    Stress makes it worse. Try getting away if you can. Even if it's just for a day. Go out, have some fun and relax. When you get home that night, don't push sex, just see if it happens on it's own. Talk to a doctor and find out what your options are. This happens to a lot of people, so again, don't let it cause you stress, and don't stress your husband out with it either, because it can affect him in the same way.

  8. Boone9 months ago

    Well, you should talk to him about your situation. This is not a good thing. You should not be worried about this. There are a lot of other methods available that could help you. You just don't need to be worried. Always try to stay calm. Stay positive. Both of you should take good care of yourself. Don't worry, many things are available that could help you in your condition. Just go with them.

  9. jenifercox069 months ago

    Don't worry, Everything is going to be alright for you. You shouldn't be worried about anything. I guess everything is great for you just talk to him and convince him for treatment. Try to take good care of yourself. It's just very good for you.

  10. callisy7 months ago

    When couples experience infertility, there's often a misconception that the problem is the woman's. Each group is responsible for 30 percent of infertility. Therefore, it's important to have both partners' fertility checked if you're having trouble getting pregnant. If a male factor is what's making it tough for you and your partner to conceive. It's important to understand what may be causing his infertility and what your options are. Different treatments are available depending on what is causing the problem. Such as extracting sperm from the testicle to be injected into an egg for in vitro fertilization or washing sperm to be used during alternative insemination. Hormone-stimulating drugs commonly used to treat female infertility may actually help guys too. These work similarly in men. Some, such as Clomid, help the brain to secrete more hormones that will increase sperm production. And others cause the testicles to increase sperm production. Your guy's fertility doctor or urologist will discuss the best course of treatment for his particular issue.

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