How many of you use baby powder without big problems?

Hey, Today I'm posting this because I need to figure this out for once and forever!
I had always used baby powder on my kids with sound results! My elder son is of 4 years old, he is fine till now(God's Grace). I used to apply baby powder on him after every diaper change. Last day, I applied baby powder to my niece after changing her diaper. I did it because she had redness around her diaper area! And I explained it to my sister, she was like it is harmful, hazardous an all. Even she started to teach me about the talcum powder lawsuits( I was left there with my mouth wide for a few seconds.
Did anything change since then? I applied tons of it with him, and I've been using it in my diaper changing routine with the daycare kids.
How many of you use baby powder without big problems?? I'm still thinking about it!

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