How to babyproof the bathrooms?

If you are the parent of a baby, then you must surely know how to childproof your bathroom. You must strictly restrict the babies the access to the bathrooms when it is not in use. As small children are curious, top-heaved and uncoordinated, the baby could easily fall head first into the water, become trapped and can drown.

At home, I have glass doors for the bathrooms. The main reason why I installed glass door is that by any means if the baby gets locked in the bathroom, we could easily break-in the door and get the baby out of the bathroom. But now I see that there are certain problems with the bathroom doors. When my hubby examined the door he said that the tracks are bent inwards that prevents the door from moving. How can this problem be fixed? There are a lot of companies that provide door hardware service in Toronto ( ). Should I get the help from any of those companies or are there any DIY methods to fix the issue?

What are the other ways to baby proof the bathroom door?

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