How to survive infertility?

When I was 16 year old I intimate with my boyfriend. After that I had lot relationship which was serious and I was so hard on the things which give me pleasure. The pleasure was so high and I was enjoying it at that time.
Everything that happens was so awesome. I was avoiding the pregnancy because I was not feeling ready at that time. The days were unforgettable and enjoyable but after the marriage everything change. It was bad for us.
I was diagnosis with the infertility issue after some of the tests. There is tube issue which is still not cleared by the experts. It is difficult to figure out the main cause behind the infertility issue. I want to tell everybody that everything is possible if there is a will and there is a way.
Long story short, we struggled for months and months to figure out the solution. I was frustrated and overwhelmed because of everything. Even at the same, we are facing a lot of issues which is important to get out of the problem.
We are sharing our story with nurses, doctor, and many people. Even there is hope that I can get a baby in my life. I don’t want to emotional but I have read many stories of infertility success. There is a lot of the issues which is unsolved yet!

  1. erika joe5 months ago

    Infertility is complicated. You will feel hopeful and motivated at times. But with the passage of time it becomes a nightmare. Doctor told me my infertility is completely treatable. To strengthen my relationship with husband a kid was a necessity. Several visits to the doctors and even out of state clinics didn’t get me any result. I am happy that surrogacy procedure went well. My kid is 2 years old now completely normal and healthy and very attached to me. You should give a thought to surrogacy as well.

  2. camillenanjala3 months ago

    (TFI) is female infertility caused by diseases, obstructions, damage, scarring, congenital malformations or other factors. Which impede the descent of a fertilized or unfertilized ovum into the uterus through the Fallopian tubes. Then it prevents a normal pregnancy and full term birth. Tubal factors cause 25-30% of infertility cases. Tubal factor is one complication of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in women. Bio tex clinic is good at fertility treatment. I believe they can help you. There is no illness that goes untreated there. Their success rate are high. So you should not give up dear. If tubal factor infertility is suspected to be the cause of the infertility treatment begins with or without confirmation of infection because of complications that may result from delayed treatment. Appropriate treatment depends on the infectious agent and utilizes antibiotic therapy. Treating the sexual partner for possible STIs helps in treatment and prevents reinfection. Antibiotic administration affects the short or long-term major outcome of women with mild or moderate disease.

  3. callisy3 months ago

    I can say we are in the same boat. I have been trying to conceive for more than years. I cannot say how hard it was at first. I came in the marriage having a different perceptive. to build a big family. then I am now in the marriage and nothing is happening. I feel I have been betraying myself all those days. I can remember even in my first year of marriage I used to have FP. When I was now ready to have children none was forthcoming. I was so disappointed. I have gone to many clinics looking for help but nothing came up. My friend introduced me to Bio tex in Kiev, and I feel like things are picking up. I did an IVF and I am being positive. I am now waiting for my TWW to pass for my test again. God knows how long I have been anxious to have my own family. To hold my own baby. I hope my prayers will b answered. May the situation that you are in not last long. I wish you the best too. Just know that you are not alone. We need to be strong to fight this battle together. You can have more information concerning clinic here They are even running out of economy package.

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