I need your bedtime tips!

My girls are 10 months old. I was spoiled and at three months, they started sleeping through the night. At 6 months, they got sick and started teething and they haven't slept through the night since (at least not both of them on the same night). We have tried what feels like everything to get them to go down in their cribs at night (we used the Rock n Play sleepers, got them in their cribs, then they got sick and went back into their rockers and now don't seem to want to go back to their cribs).

We have tried: putting them to bed early and later, bath time (they scream bloody murder through), cry it out (for 7 mins, check in, 7 mins, etc) and all three of us cry through the whole process and it is unsuccessful (and not what I wanted to do anyway), rocking them to a deep sleep, giving them a stuffed animal, giving them one of my shirts, laying them on top of a familiar blanket, noise machines, fans, ceiling projector, sharing a crib, separate cribs, co-sleeping, eating less solid foods at dinner, eating solids earlier, extra breastmilk in bottles, teething tablets, Tylenol when teething is really bad, etc.

We always change them, read two stories, and breastfeed. We changed up the order and locations of all of these things as well. They use binkys and we have a million spares on hand in case.

We are desperate here. I am open to all suggestions and ideas. What works for you?!

  1. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    It sounds like you've tried pretty much everything, but I bet there is a magic solution somewhere out there. I am anxious to see if any moms crawl out of the woodwork with one. You're an awesome mom. Keep up the good work!

  2. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    Honestly, we went through the EXACT same thing except our son was sleeping through the night even earlier. And then just like that he started not sleeping at all! What worked for us was honestly just waiting it out. Whereas all those things you mentioned worked just fine with his older sister - even CIO! Eventually she'd just grab her own bink when she woke up and would doze back off. My son is like once he's up, he's up. The only thing that seemed to make a difference was not feeding him at night unless he was sick and having my husband do all the nighttime stuff for a while because when he's with me he's more alert whereas he's calmer with my husband. Good luck!

  3. Mommytosarah4 years ago

    Have you tried laying in bed with them until they fall asleep and then transfer them to their crib. I did that with my daughter when she would not want to go to sleep in her crib but I would always lay her down in there first. After a few days she went back to her crib. I know it's hard but it should pass.

  4. alilikesjuice4 years ago

    What do they do/where do they go during the day? At 10 months with my first (and my second will be 19 months tomorrow) this is the age where I really had to step it up and bring them to playground, story times, anything with different kids, toys, and environment.

    My recommendation would be to did a place that has an area for crawlers and bring them on an afternoon and let them go to town. Come home and have Dinner, PJs, everything ready so that they can just keep on going until they (hopefully) passssss out. Hang in there!

  5. St.L. Mom4 years ago

    I agree that laying in bed with them may help. My son was never one to sleep through the night and I did not believe in using the cry it out method. For the sanity of my husband, son, and I, we chose to cuddle with my son until he fell asleep. Sometimes I would transfer him to his own bed. Sometimes I let him stay with me. He seemed to thrive from the comfort of having me close to him, and I must say that the extra cuddle time was good for me too.

    Good luck. I know it can be frustrating. The best advice I can give is to do whatever works best for you and your family. There is no one right way or best method!

  6. ashley g.4 years ago

    Laying down with them in our bed has worked in the past but as of last week even that isn't working. They kick and roll and cry (it is admittedly a bit crowded with four of us in a queen). I have loved co-sleeping with them in the past months but for now, they are rejecting the idea.

    I also would love to take them out and let them explore new places but another part of this is that they are not yet crawling. It has me worried but people keep telling me to relax as this is still in the "normal" range. I do believe it may be contributing to the problem though. It seems like they are unable to get their energy out.

    What do you think?

  7. alilikesjuice4 years ago

    My first child did not crawl until late 9/early -10 months, and zipped through milestones and was walking confidently at 15 months. My second child started crawling around at 7 months... OY! from my experience,my late crawler was a much easier experience because she had the mental capacity to think through her actions more, vs. early crawler = bull in a china store.

    Do you have any FB groups in your area for moms? If you haven't looked, just search your general area's name and "mom/kids/parents" etc. If I am stumped on a place to go with kids, I usually pose a question on the group wall and it is answered very quickly with good reviews/tips. Like your own personal Yelp review ;)

  8. SoCalMomOf34 years ago

    Have you talked to their pedi about it? If they are 10 months old and not crawling yet, i would mention it to their doctor. They're more than likely fine. Are they larger babies? The reason i ask is because two of my brothers (im the oldest of 9) were 18lbs by the time they were 8 weeks old and so you could imagine that by the time they were 'supposed' to roll over, sit up, crawl, walk, etc they were behind. This was because, as the doctor said, 'You would have a hard time moving around all of that weight too!"

    As for the sleeping part, i think im going to be in the same boat. Maybe not that extreme but definitely having to try a couple of things before we find the right fit. My first two kids were early sleepers. They slept through the night (1) the night she was born and (2) at one week old. My son now is a good sleeper but wakes up or startles at any movement. Im interested to read the rest of this thread to brainstorm some ideas for myself. Good luck! I hope you're able to sneak a nap in here and there!

  9. Allie Watts4 years ago

    Do they like their cribs? The way I got my first (working on it with my second) to sleep at night was to get him to like his crib. We played in it, I set him in there when I was in the bathroom, threw toys in there that he could throw out. Once he liked being in there, he slowly started sleeping longer stretches. He started sleeping 12 hours at a time at 14 months.

  10. KimGee4 years ago

    My youngest is a terrible sleeper — still at 2YO. We think it's heartburn/lactose intolerance. As soon as we cut the night time milk it got better. If your are BFing, do you eat dairy? Might be something to play with. My oldest had GERD & it would make putting her down really hard. Good luck! It gets better. I promise.

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