Infertility story, it sucking all energy out of me

I am Melisa Adams. I am living in Los Vegas. I never dream of too went through infertility and had to do IVF. Even no would like to face such kind of days. I really don’t suffer anymore. Even I went through several l treatments to get pregnant in life. I found out that I really wanted to talk about the infertility struggle.
I have lot of doubts such as will ever pregnant again? At the age of 33I was so fascinated with the things which are really annoying and unpredictable. I will go for some more treatments in next weeks. Please support me and help me.

  1. [ deleted account ]2 years ago

    I think the best advice is to just stick with it and remember you're working toward a goal. There's so much uncertainty and that can be the most painful thing of all. Good luck!

  2. dazzy shahu2 years ago

    There are numbers of stories of infertility. To be a healthy fertility always make sure of healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyle. If you are having a problem in conceiving baby thena you must contact your doctor or a fertility clinic.

  3. michael24x2 years ago

    Hello dear. I am really sorry for what you are going through. I know very well how much it is difficult to face the bad phase in life. It is the dream of every woman to get pregnant and blessed with the baby. Your story sounds similar to me. I also had gone through such situation but I never lose the hope. It is the time to move ahead with the new hope and strength. I also had to face the infertility situation in my life 1 year ago but finally with the blessing of God and advance medical research test I get pregnant. I just want to suggest you won’t need to lose the hope and go for the things you want to achieve in your life. Here are lots of chances to get pregnant and surely you can get pregnant if you keep in mind some of the important things. This time you need to overcome of stress and seek for the opportunity in life. You need the complete support and care of your husband.
    Sometimes due to imbalance of the hormones and irregular periods, many women can’t get fertile. But there are many opportunities to get pregnant. You just need to concentrate on your health this time. You need to add the high nutrients foods in your diet and can take the vitamins and minerals in diet. Surely you will find the changes in your health and also able to conceive the baby after getting the fertility test. You can change the schedule and go for the morning walk daily. You can do yoga and some exercise to maintain the health. I hope you would like my suggestion and I wish you all the best.

  4. Sylvia12 years ago

    Hi, Melisa
    I appreciate all your feeling and how you needing support. I had the same problem like. I was stress from not being pregnant. I tried everything even healthy food. After that, I decided to face my fears, stressed, and depression. I went to a clinic that supports IVF in my country. Now I have three beautiful children. I encourage you to face your feels and try IVF. I hope you posting great news soon.

  5. panchal2 years ago

    Hi Melisa
    I just read your story. I am also suffering from infertility that’s why I can understand your situation better. Please, don’t take tension. I think sometimes, it’s better to stop thinking than to worry. We can only work to get the best but when it comes to results, it is not in our hands. I know infertility is a painful journey, more mental than physical. See, a woman has to bear all the pain. We must enjoy our life. We should leave all the things which are not in our hands. We should only focus on those which are in our hands. Life is all about facing problems. If this problem will end, then another will start. Hope you understood my point.

  6. ranarocky62 years ago

    dear melisa,
    infertility and as a result infertility treatments can be a harrowing experience, not just mentally, but physically as well, as a result of this, you are bound to feel emotionally down. However, don't be bogged down as there are many out there and you are not alone in this battle. And i say this, because everyone there has some hope and have had some incredible success stories that have made them achieve their bundle of joys through these treatments. No doubt it is difficult, but stay strong and give this treatment your all and you will be surprised at the results. So don't overthink i, just calm yourself and worry never gets us anywhere. I am sure you will get what you want. Hang in there, you are not alone in this battle.

  7. Emma05062 years ago

    Hello dear Melissa, I am really sorry you are going through this hard time in your life. Sadly infertility is like that, one may think is totally healthy and then the news strike you hard. I dont think any person ever thinks they have an issue which makes them unable to be unable to conceive a child with the partner in a natural way. I think that most of the persons assume everything is okay, I am talking from my own personal experience and while I now have my daughter with me, which happened after lots and lots of effort and tries, I think that the first days are the hardest because knowing you are infertile always came as a surprise. Knowing you wont be able to have your child like the others really affects you, your whole world is changed upside down and you dont even know what to do or how to think. Talking about this struggles are one of the best way to deal with them, although is not something easy to do, I myself bottled my emotions about this kind of topic for quite a while. You see, I felt like the moment I accepted I had this problem it would become completely real. I dont like it wasn't real before, but as far as I didnt accept it and found a solution I could just make it like it had never happened. I know it doesnt make much sense but when I learned about my own condition, I must say I was in such a vulnerable stage that sometimes I didnt make any sense. So I am glad you have reach the state in which you want to talk about this topic.
    About your concerns, I must say they are normal. That being said each infertility is different sadly there isn't a definitive answer till you have the opinion of a doctor and you manage to learn the source of your infertility. Some are treatable but there others which may end up forcing you to seek alternative way to get pregnant. Please dont feel discourage about knowing this, TTC is a hard path and what you must remain hopeful. Because as hard as this path may end up being, at the end of it your child will be waiting for you.

  8. dazzy shahu2 years ago

    Hi welcome friend, I am here for you to provide sufficient information that helps you to overcome this horrible situation in your life to defeat infertility problem like me. I am feeling happy to help you on behalf of my personal life experience that create win-win situation for you to defeat infertility problem in easy way. I am one of the lucky women who defeat infertility problem at age of 33. You should not panic about this horrible problem in your life. You can overcome with this horrible problem with the positive attitude and reading positives thinking books that boost your confidence and provide sufficient energy to face this difficult situation in your life.
    It is very important to have real bonding with husband to understand each other physical needs and emotional variable to overcome this horrible situation. We try each and every method like you but not succeed. Once we have to attend a marriage party in Ukraine where we met my old college friend who is popular gynecologist of Ukraine. We discuss our problem to get reliable solution of my problem with advanced medical research based treatment available in all over the world infertility treatment.
    It is very important to make proper planning to defeat infertility problem. You can start your struggle with infertility from day first with healthy lifestyle starting morning walk and easy exercise as per your capacity and endurance to provide proper blood supply to all reproduction smooth working. You should maintain your period cycle regular to conceive effectively. It is very important to maintain your body hormone level in balance to conceive effectively. You should consume balanced diet with the rich iron food that enhance your hemoglobin level to conceive effectively.

  9. melisaadams2 years ago

    Hi Christa and Dazy,

    I appreciate your support and love and sure I will connect with the doctor. It feels great that people are like supporting me. I hope you both stay well....

  10. melisaadams2 years ago

    HI Michael,

    Your story is inspiring and helpful. I am facing the same issue and I believe infertility cannot go away. Yes, my husband is supportive and taking to me to the doctors.

    so much love!

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