Involve your kids in household activities.

I have a 10 year old son. While searching about junk removal at home, I found this article: on involving kids in the junk removal process. I followed the steps and even my son found it interesting. I think making kids do activities like this from a very young age is important. (The link is shared above)

  1. Ada1 week ago

    ewoods76 thank you so much for sharing a link. I was searching for healthy activities for my kids. But I didn’t find anyone that creates interest of my kid in games. At starting I gave my cell phone or tablets to him. But I was noticed that he was becoming habitual of it. that is not good for his health. Because he missed his dining time and even he didn’t take bath on time. my husband said to me that he is addicting these devices. Because he even didn’t take lunch without his tablets. And when an internet connection is on his tablet then my worry increases about his future. I am too much against of these addicted digital devices. So I found this link and will try my best to adopt these activities. Hopefully, this will suit best for my kids too. thanks again and stay happy.

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