Is it possible to remove white spots from teeth?

Recently I noticed white spots on my child's two front teeth. My son is 5 years old and he doesn't brush his teeth properly. So I thought that these white spots are caused because of improper hygiene. Since they are found in his front teeth, they are noticeable. His friends tease him and say that he doesn't brush his teeth. He feels really embarrassed about it. Yesterday my aunt noticed white spots on his teeth and told me that these are due to fluorosis or fluoride. She suggested taking him to a dental clinic in Kitchener. I googled to know more about the white spots on the teeth. I found that the white spot is called Enamel Hypoplasia. These white spots are formed during tooth development. Teeth can turn milky white, yellow or brown in color. It also stated that these white spots are often one of the first signs of tooth decay in children. Is it true? I was worried after reading the article. So tomorrow I am going to take him for his first dental visit ( ). Is it possible to remove white spots from teeth? Please share your insights. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you!

  1. Boone1 year ago

    Hi there, How are you. I hope you are good. your son is fine too. Listen I also had these white spots. I don't know why these spots occurred on my teeth. It's really not good for us. I also went through treatment by this. It was a treatment of 3 weeks. 2 appointments per week. they do something with my teeth. Wash them, put some medicine, cleaning etc. After that it started. It is becoming lighter and lighter. After that everything becomes cool after some days. May your son get well soon dear. Take care of him and yourself too.

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