Is it safe for a 19 year old to undergo a TMJ treatment?

Hi! I am writing this for my daughter. She is 19 years old. She had dental braces for almost 3 years. Her teeth were so crooked and had an overbite. She faced difficulty in cleaning her teeth properly. Her teeth were properly aligned after wearing the braces. She had her braces removed two days ago. But after the removal of braces, she was suffering from severe headache and pain. And she could hear popping sounds when she opens her mouth. I took her to a nearby GP. He diagnosed her with TMJ. He suggested seeking help from a TMJ oral surgeon. So I am planning to take her to a clinic in Lexington for the TMJ treatment ( ). Is there any problem in undergoing a TMJ treatment at this age? How painful is this treatment? Please share your views and suggestions. Any advice is highly appreciated.

  1. Boone1 year ago

    Never worry about the pain because it's not going to be any problem for you. They covered it properly with some medicine so you won't feel pain at all. It's not going to be a problem that way. It's just that whether she is alright of taking it or not. I think she has to now because of the condition. It's all just fine. Don't worry. Just give it a go.

  2. Ada1 year ago

    Malfunctioning of the jaws can result in pain of the jaw area. jaw pain may vary from one side to another. the treatment that you are asking about is painful. Although face tissues are not involved in this treatment. treatment doesn't affect the position of her teeth and jaws. it all depends upon the type of treatment. how much severe it is. as some patients get lightly and some get aggressively. Its treatment includes orthodontics tips. it is about a device which facilitates you in finishing of her teeth. As far as the matter of age then I don’t think so it will effect badly. In this technology era, different technical techniques and machines are used for treatment. So if you are afraid of her muscles to become weak in future and her pregnancy issues then you should consult it with the doctor. Because she is a girl and mostly parents afraid of her pregnancy matters. Do consult and let me know about it.

  3. ella23211 months ago

    Hi! First of all if you chose to get braces there is whole procedure and checkups you need to follow and mostly the thing i don't understand why people go for braces anyway. It is unhygienic, leave some side effects, loosen teeth. Now if you gonna go for TMJ consult some good dental surgeon and things will go fine.Best of luck.Much love.Stay positive.

  4. callisy7 months ago

    TMJ can be managed. Simple, gentle therapies are usually recommended first. If those don't work, mouth guards and more aggressive treatments may be considered. Surgery is generally considered a last resort for treating TMJ. You might try some of the suggestions before seeking any more aggressive therapies. Lifestyle changes might help. Maintain good posture while working at a computer, watching TV, and reading. Take frequent breaks to relieve stressed muscles. Make a habit of relaxing your facial and jaw muscles throughout the day. Avoid eating hard foods, like nuts, candies, and steak. Drink plenty of water every day and get plenty of sleep. Learn relaxation techniques to reduce overall stress and muscle tension in your back, neck, and body. Yoga has been known to help people experiencing TMJ. As has meditation practice or other body awareness exercises. But if all these do not work. You can just take her to the hospital.

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