Looking to connect with other moms who are struggling to adjust to motherhood

Hello mama's! I'm trying to stay positive and see and appreciate at all the good and beautiful things a baby brings into life but; i'm truly struggling. I'm lacking true friendship and connection with girlfriends. My husband has been great and supportive but it doesn't replace the laughter and giggling that comes from a friendship.

My labor and delivery was a little traumatic which caused me to become distant and a little depressed. Some of my friends interpreted as me not wanting to be friends with them anymore. Has this happened to anyone else? Why don't people understand having a baby is huge and its hard and you might not be yourself for a bit. Anyway, I'm just starting (2 months later) to feel like my old new self but finding it hard to reconnect with friends.

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    Hello Pasdonmum,

    I am in a similar situation. None of my friends have children, and when I became a mom, those friendships disappeared or are almost non-existent. It took my husband and I years to have our first child and during our struggle, some of those friendships slipped away...people didn't understand what we were going through or didn't care.

    I take my little one to story-time at the library and other kiddie venues where she can socialize and I can also talk to other moms...or at least have the semblance of interactions with other moms while our children attempt to play together. I hope you can connect with other moms in your area. It's never too late to make new friends. I am glad you're feeling better...motherhood is hard.

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