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The problem is the intake of solid food. My niece has same issues. She really doesn't love to eat solid food. First, it's our fault because when she was at her growing age she doesn't really that either. We really never forced her to eat solid food at that time she just likes milk and cocoa, biscuits dipped in a milk but no rice no wheat, now she is 7, After much trying she now finally started taking food. It's my advice to you to not let her ignore solid food, it's not a healthy activity. I should warn you that it's really pinching in parenting when your baby doesn't eat anything. Best of luck Ann. May your baby have a long and happy life.

  1. Jenelia Smith3 months ago

    Hi there! Yes, you are right. Many kids have this problem. They don't eat solid food. And sometimes they are very choosy. We should make a habit of our kids to eat everything. Especially all the healthy stuff. It's very important for their growth and health. these are small things but we do not notice them frequently.

  2. rebecca123 months ago

    Hey there Pheobe! I hope you're doing good. This is a very important point that you've talked about. I completely agree with you. Sometimes we tend to ignore things just to get rid of them at the moment. But afterward, it creates difficulties. Little things do matter. Take care you all!

  3. BarbaraJames9983 months ago

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing great. I know this is really an annoying situation. Children at this age require all the nutrition they can get. It's great that we make them eat it from the beginning. I wish everyone good luck. Take care.

  4. ella2323 months ago

    I have been a surro mum for a wonderful couple which i love dearly and they are now proud parents of a beautiful little girl call edith
    she was born 0n the 8th of may 2012 , it was a difficult pregnancy , complication at the birth , but it was all worth it as they are now a family i am and always will be proud to say i am a surrogate .unfortunately since the birth my health became worse and i cant do it anymore :( but i will never regret having done this .

  5. Ada3 months ago

    pheobe412 good to see you over here. I read your post and was haunting a new memory that I have in my mind. Similarly, as your niece didn’t take solid food. My nephew did as it is. She doesn’t like spicy food. Even now she is reaching in the 3rd year of her life. But don’t like to eat macaroni and pasta. She just like sweet things like biscuits, cakes, and candies. Her mother was too much stressed. She usually asks her daughter to eat such kind of food. But when she used to eat she began to cry. That’s why we don’t prefer anymore. In this scenario what should we do.? Means any suggestions and remedy may you ever think is the best treatment for the penalty. I am waiting for your answer. Thanks.

  6. JuneHamilton3 months ago

    Hey there. How are you doing? My little one also tries to ignore solid food. I am trying my best to make him eat some. I hope I will also be successful one day. Lots of love to you. Thanks for reminding me the importance of solid food. Sending wishes to you. Much love.

  7. Tiffanysmith13 months ago

    Hi there.It's really frustrating to have this kind of situation.Mothers really want that the child eats every kind of nutrition.Because every child requires the solid food. I hope you are doing great.All the best of luck.May your baby have a healthy and happy life.Best wishes.

  8. BellaJones3 months ago

    Hey there. How are you doing? I hope its all great. Nice to hear from you niece. I am really glad. However, children are like this. I am not doctor .it'll be best if you would go there for help. Take care.

  9. callisy1 month ago

    What to do if your baby is refusing solid food. Here’s what to do. doctors generally recommend starting solids when the baby is developmentally ready. Which is usually somewhere between four and six months. And, she discovered, spitting out food is a common reflex in infants under six months. Gagging is normal and is often triggered by feeling food unexpectedly at the back of the mouth. Which makes the body try to vomit. It’s very common for babies to refuse food when solids are introduced. Never force your kid to eat. Forcing sets up a power struggle around eating and can undermine the health of the feeding relationship. Its recommended to give your child a break of about a week before trying again. Eating, chewing and swallowing are not things babies are instantly good at. They’re learned skills. Some doctors recommend baby-led weaning, which forgoes purées, allowing infants to control what and how much they eat. A good place to start is with iron-rich foods, such as fish, meat, eggs, tofu, legumes and iron-fortified cereal, because a liquid diet of breastmilk or formula alone may not provide enough of the mineral. Foods should progress in texture as the baby develops his oral motor skills, and portion sizes should be small.

  10. Rooma1 month ago

    Hi Buddy, Hope you are doing great. Well, In my experience this happens when you don't want to taste that food. Sometimes you don't like to chew anything. I think she don't like to chew anything. Try to give bubbles. If she feels tasty ask her for other foods. She must eat solid food to make her stomach properly digestion. One of my friends baby boy was also this habit. I was shocked when he refused to eat cookies. So I try to give some sweets like chocolate, Bubbles. He started taking interest in that kind of things. Slowly he started eating breads. Now he is almost 6 years old. Hope so she will be fine soon. Good luck.

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