need advice

so I have a 2 year old with a man who I was with a relationship for 6 years we just broke up 3 weeks ago for the reason he was drinking a lot getting violent , he has been messaging me asking if he can take our son for the weekend am I wrong for declining and saying no? I feel so bad I need advice

  1. noreenwawuda4 months ago

    Hi there xotams. I am sorry for what you are going through. I think your partner has the right to hang with his child. However you must consider your child safety first. You have said that he was a drunkard. Also stated he was violent. Do you think he can the same at the presence of your child? you actually did good to leave him. It is not healthy to raise a child in such an environment. The child might end up emulating the father behavior. That will be so bad. If at all you allow your child to go and see him make sure you consider somethings. Make sure your husband will not drink that day. And if he drinks let him not be violent in front of the child. It would have been more better if the was a second party. Is he seeing another woman? and if he does is the woman responsible enough? Remember it is your child life at stake here. Make sure you take utmost care. You can decide to what you will choose.

  2. Shennia54 months ago

    I think it's okay to send your son along with him. After all he is his dad. You cam't keep him away.

  3. Christa4 months ago

    Wait, if he's violent?! If there is a history of violence (like police records) you should absolutely contact a lawyer or arbitrator before allowing unsupervised visitation!

  4. Lestie364 months ago

    Hey! I think it's fine to let him meet his son. You shouldn't worry that much.

  5. Pookie23 months ago

    No! Make him go to rehab, counseling, classes for anger mgmt get him involved in church have church call him get him in activities talk to his friends and coworkers let them know he needs help and uou are trying to save the marriage tell his friends that he should not be drinking

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