Need advice on hearing aid for my child!!!

Hi, my son has a slight hearing loss. We realized his problem recently. He always needs high TV volume. I was really irritated with this high volume. So I used to scold him on this. Also, some of his friends told me that he is not attentive to the class and the teacher scolds him every day. Then, I asked him about this. He told me that the teacher is teaching in a small voice so that he can't hear. I was in doubt whether he has any hearing problem. We consulted an audiologist in Toronto. After diagnosis, he told me that my son has a slight hearing problem, he needs to get hearing aids. Then he told us to come after two days for another test and reffered to a hearing aid specialist in the same clinic( ). But before visiting the clinic, I would like to know more about hearing aids. So I searched on the internet for this. I read that ITC hearing aids are good for the mild hearing loss. Is this so? Which all hearing aids are good for the mild hearing loss? Is this hearing aids water resistant? If anybody knows about this, please let me know.

  1. callisy7 months ago

    If your child is diagnosed with hearing loss. You will be faced with many decisions about hearing loss treatment. Auditory habilitation. And speech and language therapy. The first important step toward hearing health will be having your infant or child fitted with hearing aids. Most children with hearing loss are able to benefit from hearing aids. Though some will do better with a cochlear implant. The audiologist and other hearing health care professionals will determine whether your child is a candidate for hearing aids or cochlear implant based on the type and severity of the hearing loss. As well as the structure and shape of the outer ear. The smaller the aid, the smaller the battery and electrical components and the lower the power. In some cases, the very small hearing aids are simply not powerful enough for someone who has a big hearing loss. The right hearing aids can make a world of difference for your child's social. Educational and communication development. Work with your child's audiologist, physician and educational support system to make the most of the experience.

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