Open House Event

Hey there Guys. I hope you all are doing great. I am really happy to say that one of our well-reputed fertility clinic Bio****com. I have an open house session in the UK on the 18 and 19th of August. This will give you all people a great chance to get all your questions answered. I am sure you find all the info. The head of the English department will be there too. The seats are very limited. Everyone I suggest you all do try visiting it. You can email them to register your self. Hoping to meet you all good luck. I hope you people get whatever you have been waiting. Lost of prayers for all of you. Love and a lot of support.

  1. zaviya7 months ago

    Hi everyone, hoping that you are all also excited like me . Cause our favourite clinic is finally coming to uk . I'm so excited . They are coming on 18-19 August . And we all be given initial consultation. That's what I wanted right now. Anyway , seats are limited.So go get yourself registered. Before it's late

  2. DiannaViktor7 months ago

    Hello Barbara? Well, that's quite a help! I really needed to hear this. Well, my bestie also lives in the London. She really needs a consultation. Well, yes! Biotexcom is really good for her then. It will work well. So, yeah! Now, I can finally give her dates to visit. I'll checks out the site myself. No worries! Still thanks for the info. I'm already having my IVF at biotexcom in this August of the year. So, yeah! I've really heard of it as a rep center. I hope it can help many. :) Thanks for sharing it here. I'm sure you helped many. xx

  3. niya7 months ago

    Is it for real? I can't believe it. I am so excited and I can tell you all are also excited like me. Finally, they are coming to the UK. And we all will get a chance to meet them. Plus they are providing the initial consultation too. I mean how can they be so good. They never disappoint us. They are like the best and always providing us the best. I have emailed them for the registration . You guys should too cause seats are limited. You don't wanna miss that. Hoping to see you all on the 18th and 19th of August. So go get yourself registered.

  4. MirandaD7 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have been searching for a clinic for myself. I think it is an amazing opportunity for those who live in this area. It will be a lot more easier and convenient. I recently contacted them for the procedure. I will have to visit them on my own for the first free consultation meeting. In this meeting everything will be finalized for us. I hope the process goes well for us. However, those who live in the UK they wont have to travel. Therefore, this will safe the money as well. Who ever avails this opportunity do let me know. I want to know how the experience went. The head who is conducting this meeting is highly experienced. Thus a lot of people will benefit from it. Good luck to all.

  5. Leslie Hanson7 months ago

    This is so great! I love this clinic. It's so good to hear that they're having an open house. I think anyone planning on opting for a fertility treatment should definitely at least check it out. No pressure, but this is amazing. It'd be a shame to miss such a great opportunity. There are so many clinics these days as these procedures have gotten the fame. However, not every place is so good. I think we should definitely recommend the good ones to the others as much as possible. I definitely will be registering!

  6. Alana907 months ago

    Another post that I got over this event, This is gonna be huge for sure. I am already excited since I have heard this news. I just can't wait for the August. I am just hoping to get my seats booked. As already they have limited seats. And this seems to be bigger.
    I am hoping to get the contract signed even. Because I have heard so many positive facts and figures over this clinic since the time I have joined this forum. Hopefully, I would get the chance. Fingers crossed.

  7. Ada7 months ago

    hey BarbaraJames998!!! That’s a good opportunity I think. Many women were complaining about lotus and their careless attitude. Now you don’t have to rely on their mails reply. I will suggest you go there. Once you go then get info. I think she will explain the procedure or not? What will be the timing of her arrival? Can you please update us with her schedule of coming? Because I am thinking to go there and talk about my infertility. I was looking for some discount. Is it possible to make a request for a discount more than the economy packages? This is a great way of dealing with clients. I like this method because many women can’t travel alone. Best of luck. I am waiting for the conference day.

  8. jhoni7 months ago

    Hey ladies, I saw your comments. And very happy to see. That you are the persons who spread awareness about the upcoming event. That is about the awareness of the blessing(surrogacy). If someone is suffering from infertility. she doesn’t have to worry about it. Now she just has to go there(an event in London by B………m) Because they have many success stories. And they are really experts. As made very advance treatment. That helps infertile parents very much. so there is the great chance for England, especially in London. They must have to go there. So please GO and Good luck

  9. emmajoe5 months ago

    Hey there, Whats going on? I'm sure that you are living a happy life. This is so great news. I have heard about this clinic known as one of the best . It's so good to hear that they're having an event. I think anyone planning on opting for a infertility treatment should definitely at least check it out. There are so many clinics these days as these procedures have gotten the fame. I think we should definitely recommend the good ones to the others as much as possible. So, I will recommend on the behalf of my experience to chose the best clinics which are in high success ratio category. Wish you all infertile people a happy future life. May Godless you all.

  10. barbara j5 months ago

    this is a great news! Thanks for sharing this one and reminding me. it's big news. The Biotexcom team is coming to the UK. The dates are not confirmed yet. Anastasia, The Head of the English department will give all the required information about Biotexcom. Avail this opportunity. Don't miss the chance. Get yourself registered. It is because seats are limited. Good luck to all.

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