Physiotherapy for my kid

Hi, my daughter broke her big toe and it was placed in a cast. I expected a quick recovery, but after a week also, she is still experiencing severe pain. As she was unable to tolerate the restriction by the cast, she removed it. Even after a month too, her foot is still discolored and swollen and she is experiencing an intense burning pain. Last week while she was taking bath, her toe turned purple and the pain became so unbearable. She was taken to emergency care where she was referred to see a neurologist. There the doctor provided her with opioids. Still, her pain was not reduced. While googling I found that she was suffering from complex regional pain syndrome. When I told this to my friend she suggested registered physiotherapists from a clinic in Mississauga( We are planning to get an appointment there. Will this treatment really help? Will this can be cured using simple exercises? Please give me your suggestions.

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