Postpartum Loneliness

Anyone else feeling lonely after having your baby? My son is 7 months old now and my husband works a ton. I'm a stay a home mom and so grateful to my husband and his work ethic. I adore my son and have so much fun with him but I still feel lonely and I'm in need of some moms who I can share my days with...hoping to find some near me or even some to connect to on here for chatting may help.

  1. MessyMamma 6 months ago

    Hey there! I often feel the same way and my children are 12 and 6! The loneliness was bad when they were babies for me personally.... because I could only do so much with them. As they got older I would bring them swimming, to parks, fishing..... things that I could even sit down on a bench next to another parent and just make small talk. My partner works nights and sleeps days.... so its VERY rough.... and though its a little more manageable now that my children aren't tiny babies anymore..... it still gets lonely. You are more then welcome to reach out for a chat anytime you'd like!

  2. Pasdonmum3 months ago

    Hello, Hope you are finding the support you need. You are not alone. I have a 2 month old and have been feeling similar feelings. Mostly sadness and loneliness and lack of real connection with girlfriends. Thanks for sharing your struggle. I appreciate your honesty. I recently reached out to a MOPS group in the area where i live. Have you been able to find a moms group in your community?

  3. [ deleted account ]2 months ago

    Hi MamaBear912,

    I hope you're connecting with other moms here and in your area! My daughter is turning 17 months and for the first 14 months of her life...I rarely left her side until she started walking! Now, she's back to clinging onto Mama a velcro. It's easy to lose oneself and feel lonely while giving so much love and attention to our little one. I hope you will find new companionship and also take some time for yourself!

  4. [ deleted account ]2 months ago

    I understand how you feel, my husband is gone 4 days of the week and I'm new to Wilmington so I don't have any friends or family here. You are welcome to talk to me, I am just as lonely.

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