Postpartum Loneliness

Anyone else feeling lonely after having your baby? My son is 7 months old now and my husband works a ton. I'm a stay a home mom and so grateful to my husband and his work ethic. I adore my son and have so much fun with him but I still feel lonely and I'm in need of some moms who I can share my days with...hoping to find some near me or even some to connect to on here for chatting may help.

  1. MessyMamma 2 months ago

    Hey there! I often feel the same way and my children are 12 and 6! The loneliness was bad when they were babies for me personally.... because I could only do so much with them. As they got older I would bring them swimming, to parks, fishing..... things that I could even sit down on a bench next to another parent and just make small talk. My partner works nights and sleeps days.... so its VERY rough.... and though its a little more manageable now that my children aren't tiny babies anymore..... it still gets lonely. You are more then welcome to reach out for a chat anytime you'd like!

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