Teeth whitening during pregnancy

Hi all, I'm 7 months pregnant. Does anyone know if it is safe to whiten teeth during this stage? My teeth color has turned into an ugly yellow shade and I'm looking into getting rid of them. I'm thinking of visiting Dr. Agata Cybula's dental clinic in Mississauga ( ) and get a teeth whitening done but I'm not sure if someone can get such procedures done during pregnancy stage. I don't want the bleaching chemicals to transfer something bad to my baby. I really need advice in this case. Someone please help!

  1. Heather5873 years ago

    This has happened to me and I thought it was just in my head because I've never heard of it happening to anyone. I'm not sure what's safe as far as teeth-whitening during pregnancy, but my nutritionist recommended oil pulling. Here is an article that talks a bit about it -

  2. Reinosi071 year ago

    Although, it is advisable to not go under treatment while you are pregnant but teeth whitening shouldn’t be a problem. I have a good dentist Torrance around me at and therefore, I am not worried about the pain at all. I might have to get teeth whitening during that time.

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