We started TTC in 2007,

We started TTC in 2007, in 2010 DH was diagnosed with bilateral Varicocele. In June he was operated. We then tried 2 IUIs, no success. And advised by 4 drs we went to see in the process we started IVF, they all claimed ICSI would resolve everything and was the fastest / cost effective way for us to have a baby. They were all wrong! But we didnt know then and started our long and painfull journey. I will spare you from the details, but in sum, we went through 5 ICSIs and all our embryos would arrest by day 3. We were devasted and thought we would never haver our own child. Drs said we should consider using donor sperm.
Finally, our last doctor decided to have DH checked again by fertility specialist urologist. So far, all the tests and procedures were done in me (countless), nothing really wrong with me. Drs believed ICSI would take care of everything, "we only needed 1 sperm anyways". Turns out that the first surgery was not optimal and urologist decided to operate DH again, and mentioned a similar case where couple was successful after surgery. I also spoke with an embryologist, and he mentioned that day 3 arrest is typical of male related infertility problem.
Long story short, 3 months after his surgery, we got pregnant naturally. We are still having a hard time believing it. But we are very happy and I really hope this post finds someone that could be helped.
Best of luck to everyone.

  1. PageElvy6 months ago

    I am really happy for you! It is incredible! We are in the middle of surrogacy and our SM is pregnant. We are really happy yet it is also hard to believe in. We have been trying for years and now as the things are working out we cannot accept the fact that it is the reality. we are so used to failures that successes are what is putting us off. But we are trying not to think negatively about anything.
    We are grateful to WCOB for being such a great agency. It was our first choice and boy oh boy we do not regret this decision.

  2. Pinder3 months ago

    Hey, there! I hope you're okay. This is such a beautiful read. You've gone through such a tough time! It's unbelievable to see that you stuck around. Anyone else could've given it up! You had the belief to keep going. My prayers are with you. This makes me so happy! Congratulations to you! Best of luck on the rest of the procedure. I hope everything goes well! Keep us posted on how it goes! Here's to having a wonderful future! Thank you for sharing your story and for the wonderful wishes. It's really nice of you. x

  3. MarianaK1 month ago

    This really is a beautiful story. There is no shame in going for surgery for these methods. I'm glad your DH was so open-minded and supportive! It makes me quite happy to see this one working out! Thank you for sharing it with us. I hope you have a wonderful future ahead. You guys deserve happiness.

  4. SummerAu2 weeks ago

    What a lovely story! Congratulations to both of you. You've had one of the toughest journeys. I can relate somewhat to your experience. I had a similarly tough TTC journey. The only difference being the fact that I even failed my IUIs! It was really difficult keeping faith. My husband convinced me to keep going. We got a bit lucky, in the end. We were planning on giving up, but we decided to give IVF a final shot! That was a wonderful idea! I got pregnant, and that was it! Congratulations to you! Best of luck to other women trying! I hope it works out for you, as well.

  5. MirandaD2 days ago

    I am glad that after so much of hard work things finally worked out for you. Its all about not giving up. A lot of people dont even get themselves treated which is also very wrong. Its so important to visit a doctor. I myself have been on this journey. There have been a lot of ups and downs. However, it is so important to keep going. I am lucky and fortunate enough that my family throughout was very supportive. They made it so much easier for us. We took a break in between and during that with a fresh mind, I started looking at the various options. when a friend suggested that we should change the clinic. It was indeed an amazing idea. We are now visiting a different clinic and things are really going well. Hoping for the best in the future. Good luck to you.

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