What do you think about this clinic guys?

My son is 2 months old. He is very naughty and is a crying baby. He sucks me a lot. This gives me pain and exhaustion. Recently I read an article which says that babies are sucking for two reasons, the sucking motion is calming to them and releases pain-relieving chemicals and the sucking motion actually relieves tension in their head. Secondly, if a baby has had a traumatic delivery which has irritated their head, such as forceps, ventouse or getting stuck then they will love to suck as it gives them relief from these irritations. Cranial osteopathy can relieve these tensions and then the baby no longer needs to suck on the breast or dummy for relief and instead is happier and calmer, only feeding when they are actually hungry.
I found this clinic offering cranial osteopathy(
). What do you think about this clinic guys? Please be free to share ur views

  1. PageElvy6 months ago

    Sorry cannot say much about this one. I hope that your baby is alright as well as you are.
    It is great that you have found some resolution to your situation. Parenthood is a lot. And I am preparing for it already. Our SM has only had her 6 weeks ultrasound but I am browsing net collecting all useful information. Whew.

  2. MirandaD2 weeks ago

    Hey, I hope you are well. I am sorry to know about your situation. I can understand how hard this must be. Stay strong and positive. I hope things get better for you. I dont know much on this topic, therefore, can't offer much help. However, I will say that it is really important to visit the right doctor. Therefore, whatever clinic you choose to visit do look them up first. The reason why my process is going so well is that I researched a lot about the clinic. I made sure that the clinic was operating professionally. I also made sure they had a high success rate. I devoted a lot of my time researching about the clinic. Good luck to you. I hope things go well for you. If you need any help do let me know.

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