When do you stop being naked around your kids?

My son is 3 and I was wondering if I should stop about now.

If he were a girl it might be different. I might continue to be open for another 2 years or so.

  1. mm059 months ago

    I stopped when my daughter who’s now 13 was getting ready to start pre-K.

  2. Orangmom9 months ago

    My daughters are 14 and 12 and still see me naked. I see them naked too. It is no biggie. It's just the 3 of us in the house.

    With a son I'm sure it would be different.

  3. Flowergirl9 months ago

    I don't even remember seeing my parents naked.

  4. callisy7 months ago

    For many parents, bathing with their young children is a necessity. In those early months, a baby needs constant supervision, so it only makes sense to merge bath times. By doing so, we save water, time and precious energy. But there comes a point when children begin needing their own space. So while there is no specific cut-off date for allowing your kids to be in the room when you bathe or dress, there definitely is a time to transition away from those habits and begin teaching about privacy. And when it comes down to it, the parenting expert who matters the most is you. Watch for your child's cues. Listen to how he talks about his body and others. If something doesn't feel right about the situation, trust your gut. Your child's needs are as individual as he is. Well, that is according to what my doctor in Bio tex advised me. Your child will probably start giving you signs that the time is right. If they cover themselves if you walk in on them undressing, or if they turn their eyes away when you are undressing in front of them, they are starting to show their own modesty and [discomfort] with being naked in front of each other. Children of this age are starting to explore taking care of their own body and might start requesting their own bath/shower. While you should let your child determine when they are ready for the privacy, it should not be up to them if you feel the time is right earlier than they do

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