Hi there guys, I am sure that you all are fine. Please suggest me some good ways to overcome the problem of male infertility. My husband is having issues. His sperms may have a low mobility according to the doctors. We are very much worried after knowing what this is happening. First we started the conception process years ago. When nothing happened we took a checkup. The results showed us that I was completely fine but my husband has an issue. He is so worried after then. We got so much problems in our home as well. I just want those problems to go away. Please help us. Suggest anything you know. It would be really helpful for us.

  1. serra11 months ago

    Hey. I am so sorry for you. It must be so hard time for you and your husband. I know the pain. Every woman wants a baby but it's in fate. My sister's husband had low sperm count problem. It was only 18 million. She was so sad because she can't do anything. The treatment didnt worked for them too. So they decided to go for surrogacy. They have a baby now.

  2. milana311 months ago

    I am so sad for you. It must be so difficult time for you and your better half. I know the suffering. every lady needs a child however it's in destiny. My sister's significant other had erection issue. she can't do anything. The treatment didnt worked for them as well. So they chose to go for surrogacy. They have an infant now.

  3. emma22811 months ago

    Hey. I am so sorry for you. Infertility is such a pathetic issue nowadays. I know it would be not easy for you to wait much longer. You should go for treatments if the infertility is confirmed. I also conceived for 3 times but failed. I faced Infertility due to Cervix Incompetence disease. It was hard for me to lose my unborn babies. So I decided to go for treatments. I wasted 4-5 years in it. I was so eager to start a family. On the other hand, I wasted my 5-6 years in it. I was depressed and so I decided to go for surrogacy. I was happy with the decision. I asked my husband so he agreed too. I went with him to a clinic for surrogacy. They were reputed for the success in surrogacy. I am happy that I took this decision. I was blessed with the baby after a long journey. Today I am a happy mother. you should also go for Surrogacy without any delay. best of luck.

  4. Boone11 months ago

    I guess you should take him for the checkup. It would be really great for you. Just try to do something for his treatment. Ask doctors about this. Otherwise, you could go with donor sperm.

  5. Julie8811 months ago

    Hi. I hope you are doing good. Dear, don't get upset. You don't have to lose hope like this. Consult a good doctor in this regard. I am sure he can help deal with your problem. Try other assisted methods like surrogacy or IVF. Keeping you high in my prayer list.

  6. DiannaViktor11 months ago

    Hello Hanna! Stay strong and help him out! It's a tough situation. More importantly, you guys can have a visit to a nutritionist? Yes! That might help with a diet plan to overcome the motility and overall quality. I've heard people improving their results through this way? xx

  7. Hannah.David11 months ago

    Hey, Hannah, I hope you are doing well. Don't worry things will get better. Male infertility can be easily treated. The clinic I am visiting gives male patients medicines and certain vitamins to help them out. If he has a low sperm count I would suggest you opt for IUI or IVF. Both of these treatments work really well. Other than that tell him not to take too much stress I am sure things will get better. Sending baby dust your way.

  8. Rooma11 months ago

    Hi Dear, I am sorry to hear your problem. I understand your feelings. I know this is a great problem for you and your husbands. But you should follow doctor recommendations. Because doctor suggests you better. As my knowledge, he needs Vitamine D. Well If you are not getting the solution after taking all remedies etc. Then you should go through surrogacy process. I think this the solution to your problem. Well, My prayers are always with you both guys. GOD Blessed you.

  9. Boone11 months ago

    Hi there, well, what can we say. It's not like everyone is perfect. There are a lot of problems with many people. You should not worry about this. Just ask your husband to take it seriously. Never think less of it. Everything is going to be alright. If he seems difficult to go there. Just talk to him. Talk him out of this. Everything is going to be alright for you. Never worry.

  10. jenifercox0611 months ago

    Don't worry everything will be fine. There are treatments for this thing as well. It's going to be alright for you guys. Just stay calm. Everything will be alright. Best of luck.

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