a little update

Guys, I'm so excited now. The egg retrieval was done. The hard part is over. We are back to the hotel now. Hoping for the best. Just need lots of prayers. They are still looking for a surrogate for us. I hope that doesn't take too long.

  1. kimberlyjames2 months ago

    Melissa! This is such great news. I'm so happy for you. The hard part is indeed over. But you still have a long way to go. So just be prepared for that. I hope you're enjoying the city meanwhile.

  2. Pinder2 months ago

    Hello, Melissa. How are you doing? I hope you're alright. I'm so happy for you. It's good to see things going so smoothly. Here's to hoping everything else is just as perfect. You'll find the right surrogate. Don't worry about it! My prayers are definitely with you. You should actually get out in the city. That was my regret when I went for my IVF. I just couldn't find the time to go out. I was also a bit sick. It shouldn't be a problem for you, though! Good luck to you. Keep us updated on how it goes!

  3. Railee2 months ago

    Hey, Melissa. This is an exciting time for you! I'm sure you're probably a bit nervous, too. This time it should be easier, though. You've already experienced it, before, this one will seem like a cakewalk. I hope you find the surrogate really soon. I hope she's a perfect match, as well. Good luck to you, honey!

  4. Malinee2 months ago

    Yes, absolutely, the hard part is done! Stay in contact with the clinic. I hope you find your surrogate, soon. My prayers and support are with you. Don't worry too much. It will all work out. I hope it goes as smoothly as your first attempt! Keep us posted, please.

  5. MirandaD2 months ago

    Hey, I hope you are well. How did the retrieval go? How many eggs were they able to retrieve? I hope more of the eggs are matured and are able to stick around. After the retrieval, the doctors say it is better to bed rest. So make sure that you dont exhaust too much. Good luck to you. The clinic you are visiting is the same clinic I am visiting for my IVF process. They are actually doing a really good job. We have been injecting injections. After 10 days the retrieval will take. Did you opt for the VIP package? We opted for the standard package. This is because it fulfilled all our needs. I hope things go well.

  6. Evie12 months ago

    Good luck to you, honey! I'm glad the initial procedures went well. There really isn't anything to worry about, now. Don't think too much about it. It's all going to work out just fine. Keep us in the loop. I'd love to hear the details!

  7. MarianaK2 months ago

    You must be so excited! This is such a pleasant time. I hope the happiness stays with you and the procedure goes well. Good luck to you. I hope they find you the perfect surrogate! Don't forget to update us! We're all praying for you, honey!

  8. SummerAu2 months ago

    Ooh, exciting times! I'm really happy for you. It made perfect sense to go for the second one. Keep us updated on the journey. You're lucky, you've got time to explore the city! If I were you, I would do that. There are some really good tourist attractions! Good luck with the procedure, as well, I hope you find a great surrogate!

  9. JuneeM2 months ago

    I just want to wish you the best of luck. You can pull through it! I'd suggest you take your mind off it. Chill out and go out, maybe. The clinic will get back to you. Your application is in the right hands. I know, you already have experienced this! Good luck to you!

  10. melissastan2 months ago

    Hi guys. Thank you so much for replying to my post. It means a lot to me. Your kind words help me get through tough situations like these. We are doing well. Just waiting, relaxing and enjoying this city. Can't wait for them to match us with a surrogate now. Remember us in your prayers.

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