a little update

Guys, I'm so excited now. The egg retrieval was done. The hard part is over. We are back to the hotel now. Hoping for the best. Just need lots of prayers. They are still looking for a surrogate for us. I hope that doesn't take too long.

  1. kimberlyjames5 months ago

    Melissa! This is such great news. I'm so happy for you. The hard part is indeed over. But you still have a long way to go. So just be prepared for that. I hope you're enjoying the city meanwhile.

  2. MirandaD5 months ago

    Hey, I hope you are well. How did the retrieval go? How many eggs were they able to retrieve? I hope more of the eggs are matured and are able to stick around. After the retrieval, the doctors say it is better to bed rest. So make sure that you dont exhaust too much. Good luck to you. The clinic you are visiting is the same clinic I am visiting for my IVF process. They are actually doing a really good job. We have been injecting injections. After 10 days the retrieval will take. Did you opt for the VIP package? We opted for the standard package. This is because it fulfilled all our needs. I hope things go well.

  3. melissastan5 months ago

    Hi guys. Thank you so much for replying to my post. It means a lot to me. Your kind words help me get through tough situations like these. We are doing well. Just waiting, relaxing and enjoying this city. Can't wait for them to match us with a surrogate now. Remember us in your prayers.

  4. kimberlyjames5 months ago

    Hi. This is the least we could do, you know. It is good to know that you are enjoying and trying to relax. Dont stress about anything. Everything is going smoothly so far. The rest of the journey will be smooth too. Good luck with it. How long do you plan on staying there btw?

  5. Claudiameer 5 months ago

    Hey Melissa! I am so glad that things are in your favor. I also had my treatment at that clinic so I can assure you that you are in good hands. You have nothing to worry about. Just follow the doctor's instructions and everything will be fine. I was also nervous at that time, but you need to stay calm. You have to stay patient during this. You still have a long way to go, so get ready for that. Just enjoy your tour and keep your mind off from this. Stress is not a good thing. I hope things go well for you now. Good luck! Stay blessed! Bye!

  6. Goo-iona5 months ago

    I wish you to have the rest smoother. I know it’s not the healing words but you have to hold on. There will be better from day to day. I believe they had to find and match your surrogate a little bit earlier, didn’t they? I thought that surrogate has to be accepted into program beforehand. I know that some clinics take a half year for the whole search.
    It’s fine if you’re confident with your medical team. I hope everything is going to be magnificent.
    Baby dust to your way. Sending my hugs and kisses to you.

  7. TammyThompson5 months ago

    Hi Melissa! I am so happy for you. I hope you are feeling better now. The clinic you are opting for is the same where I am starting my treatment after a week. Your happiness is a sign of good treatment. I am hopeful that things will work for me as well. Thankyou for sharing your story with us. I am sure many people need this in their life right now. Even a short dose of positivity is enough to give hope. Stay blessed. Good luck. I hope things work out for you. Bye. Take care.

  8. melissastan5 months ago

    Hey Kimberly. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you asked that. It's really up to us for now. After the egg retrieval, there were a few formalities that we had to fulfill. We did that. Right now we are just enjoying the city. It's a great place actually. People are really nice. The clinic is looking for a matching surrogate meanwhile. I hope it doesn't take long. The time to get in touch with one is not specified. We plan on staying for a little longer. We might fly back after a while. Everything is great so far. I will let you guys know when they find me a surrogate. Just so excited and nervous.

  9. kimberlyjames5 months ago

    Hi, Melissa. How is it going? I hope youre having fun in kiev. Thank you for replying to my comment. It is so good to know that you are enjoying the city. It is a great place for sure. We were there once. My husband loved it. And hey, it's okay to feel nervous right now. But just try to relax ok? You are in such good hands. Finding a surrogate may take a while. But it's going to be worth it. They make sure to choose the perfect woman for you. So just sit back and relax. Everything is going just as planned. Good luck to you. Waiting for an update.

  10. MarianaK1 month ago

    You must be so excited! This is such a pleasant time. I hope the happiness stays with you and the procedure goes well. Good luck to you. I hope they find you the perfect surrogate! Don't forget to update us! We're all praying for you, honey!

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