Another chance

life was going good. i was happy and excited as a new phase of my life was soon going to start. my baby was 3 months due. my husband was very excited and taking care of me. those days were the best days of my life. things turn against me at sudden when a car came and hit me as i was crossing the road. i fall and lost my conscious. next moment i was in hospital and everything had gone. my husband was trying to help me to get through this pain. i start feeling that every part of my life is now divided into infinite parts that i cant hold my life together. my husband was very optimistic as he found a clinic in ukraine that help the couples like us. when we mailed them our documents they replied very soon. they words were very optimistic and giving me a new hope. according to their success story they are the best of their field. we decided to gave them a chance. we went to ukraine to have our first meeting setup. the air of their clinic was full of hope . their behavior release all my depression. their gynecologist was really a good in her skill. my reports was done and according to them surrogacy is my chance to again get joy of my life. i met one of their surrogate mother. after meeting to that woman and talking to her i was convinced that they really give me what i want. now again my surrogate mother is 3 month due. but this time i think things will go as i planned them.....

  1. Petja1 year ago

    I am also planning to start this route of surrogacy. As i can't have a baby off my own. I went to a number of clinics for my checkup. But the doctors can't tell the reason for my infertility. I have gone through a number of tests but no result. The doctors are also amazed that their is no sign of any disease regarding fertility yet i am infertile. So that is why i have decided to go for surrogacy now. Surrogacy is very common method to have a baby today. My husband has contacted a clinic related to surrogacy. But the clinic didn't responded well. The clinic seems to be ingnoring its clients. Actually we live in Bulgaria. In Bulgaria surrogacy is prohibited. So we had to move to some other country where it is legal. Ukraine is very popular regarding surrogacy so we are moving towards Ukraine to start our journey. Good wishes for everyone.

  2. Kathy bear1 year ago

    Hi,hope you are doing well.Surrogacy is surely they way and it can help in finding what is missing in your life,happiness.I too am thinking about surrogacy.I am infertile also.Just like you i have been TTC but was unlucky.When i found out i was infertile it just broke me completely.My DH supported me through that phase and pulled ne out.Recently we found out about surrogacy from a friend of ours.He told us about BIOTEXCOm a clinic in Ukraine that deals in infertility treatments.We found hope and contacted them,they were very courteous and supportive.We had alot questions and they listened to all of them and answered them.I told them I am from YORK,UK and cant visit their clinic.Instead of shrugging us off they continued to counsel us.Just few days back I received an email from them that they are visiting LONDON,Uk for two days on 18 and 19 Th of august.Their English department head Anastasia is also coming along.I am so excited about it and would recommend you to visit it if possible.

  3. Emma1241 year ago

    Hello there, hope you are enjoying good health. No doubt surrogacy is the last option for infertile couples. Infertility is a curse. it has become a common disease. Many are suffering from infertility. I am also a victim of infertility. My doctors suggested me surrogacy. My husband heard about L***s clinic from his friend. We decided to contact them for surrogacy. We sent them several emails but they didn't bother to reply. We also tried to contact them via phone but no one picked up the phone. We got disappointed. I think they are scam. professionals don't behave like this. Can you please share the name of your clinic? We want to give it a try. TIA

  4. LonieKot1 year ago

    I came to know about a clinic Adinos clinic. I contacted the clinic. But the clinic didn't responded.
    I mailed them again and again. But the clinic didn't responded for a single time.
    So be aware of such clinics. These clinics are just here to make money.
    They won't help someone. Instead of such time wasters look for some clinics. Always research about good clinics.
    Then contact a good clinic. Otherwise you will just waaste your time.
    I was from Japan. I had hysterectomy cancer. Due to which i was infertile. So i decided i will go for surrogacy. But our first experience was very bad with that clinic. Soon we will start looking for some other good clinic.

  5. barbara j1 year ago

    Hey! I am very happy for you and your husband. It is an inspiring story. You have written well about this clinic in Ukraine. I guess you are talking about Biotexcom. because I believe that is one of the best setups in this country. I have a news for those who are in the UK. This clinic is arranging an event on 18-19 August. London they are coming to your place to benefit your people. Those people who are struggling with infertility and other problems like this can avail this chance. They would really guide you and help you decide something productive for you. Visit there official website for further details. Best of luck!

  6. Ada1 year ago

    LonieKot hey! What’s pp I am so sorry for your bad experience? But deer don’t be panic. It's not only done with you. but I also had to face their negligence at first. You have to face only on their negligence only on your contact but I also visit their clinic lotus. My experience is also very devastating. Whenever I asked their doctors about my condition they only told me to try this medicine. It will prove helpful for you and you will be cured immediately. But all of their medicines are absurd. They even are not including in my treatment. Yes, their only desires to make money from us in any way. I am so disappointed by such clinics. they only wasted my time and now then I am over age and doesn’t have the ability to conceive anymore.

  7. Ada1 year ago

    aww, what a sad story. I read your whole post and I was like weeping inside. you have used such a heat breaking words. sometimes I wonder how life can do with us? suddenly life becomes so much cruel to us. I am feeling so bad for you. but happy too. you know why? because you have recovered very soon. some women like me didn't come out of her old experience at another clinic. now someone told me about an open house conference in London. Ukraine clinic is arranging it. it is on 18 19th of August. I hardly get an appointment form, Anastasia. she is leading this event and head. such a kind lady I ever met pray for me that everything happens good to me

  8. Laura011 year ago

    Hi, dear! Your story is very inspirational! Your husband is very supportive I must say. Infertility is a curse. No one deserves this. I would like to share my story with you. When I was declared infertile by the doctors some years ago, the only way I had was to go for surrogacy. I had my surrogacy treatment at Biotexcom. It's really the best clinic in Ukraine. Fortunately, the team at Biotexcom is coming to London to do a consultation session with people. Thier team is highly qualified and professional. Moreover, the head of the English department is also coming. So I would suggest those in need to go there. Discuss your problems with them. I am sure It will prove to be very beneficial for all of you. Seats are limited so get yourself registered via Best wishes to you all.

  9. joshien1 year ago

    A close friend of mine was going through a hard time and then I suggested her to look into a very good clinic. I had an amazing experience with them. Now she and her husband will be opting for surrogacy there. since we have heard that Biotexcom is coming to town we are very excited about it. we have heard many good reviews about them. Personally, I got my successful IVF treatment from there. Now they are having an event in London. I mean wow but Ugh! why they didn't do it in my time. Hope it goes well.

  10. lidya21 year ago

    Surrogacy is making that possible for everyone. I'm glad to see this clinic has opened up that are doing this at a very affordable price for people. But still, spreading awareness like this is very important. I'm sorry to hear about your previous struggles with fertility. Good to hear that you choose surrogacy to complete your family. Infertility is really a hard thing to face. I agreed with you. Surrogacy is like the last hope for the people who cannot conceive naturally. Nowadays it is a popular and safe technique for having a baby.

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