Are you a Pregnant soon to be mom?

It is my first time being pregnant and I am hoping to connect with other pregnant moms for support. It has been sort of lonely, not having anyone to talk to that can truly relate to what I am going through. Feel free to friend me! :)

  1. Tstorm11 months ago

    Don't feel bad in the sane boat

  2. Mia85111 months ago

    Aww dear. I've heard that before. Well, don't worry! It's a good thing to be through you're getting it the first time. So, that's a little newbie feeling. Anyway! I wish you my best! xx

  3. tinayork11 months ago

    Awww Dear. There is nothing to be worried about! Because, it's really lucky to be pregnant. You're really in a sane boat @tstorm is right. Just stay relaxed and keep your schedule going. Please also update us with what you're having. Is it a boy or girl? anyway! Stay blessed.

  4. KatieTan10 months ago

    Wao, congratulations for being first pregnant. it's like flying in the heavens. Now your body is going through a number of physical and emotional changes. You may notice several physical symptoms of pregnancy beginning as early as the first month. Hormonal changes triggered by the newly fertilized egg can cause fatigue, breast tenderness, food cravings, nausea and vomiting, constipation, bloating and the need for frequent urination. its common to feel a variety of emotions as well. You may feel happy, anxious or doubtful. Many women report frequent mood swings. You may feel frustrated that you are related one moment and then sad just a short while later. Although early pregnancy, especially can be overwhelming emotionally for some women, the highs and lows are often level out as pregnancy progresses. You will feel better if you take care of yourself from the very beginning of your pregnancy. Many uncomfortable symptoms can be reduced through eating right, sleeping enough, relaxing and exercising. If you are experiencing difficulties coping with these physical or emotional changes, seek out a qualified medical professional or social worker to help you through this time.

  5. KristenBoyd10 months ago

    Hi there. How are you? Congratulations dear ! Is it your 1st trimester? I am on my 1st trimester. Doctors asked me for more bed rest due to some complications. I am high on my healthy diet. I don't want to take any risk. What are you upto? I hope you become a happy healthy mom. Be good in your physical activity and diet. Just be according to your doctor. I wish you all the best. Keep updating. Take care of your diet and health.

  6. WildaRussell10 months ago

    Don't be hard on yourself! Take care! Be strong! There is nothing scary in it...You're lucky to have this privilege. Yes! you can talk to us here. I'm also going to conceive later this year. So, just chill hun. I know it's like that when you're having it the first time. TC!

  7. marylux10 months ago

    Congratulations! I am Very happy for you. You did the right thing to join this group. As pregnancy is a long journey and throughout this amazing time you need a lot of emotional and physical support. Almost all the ladies in this group are passing through the same phase and share their progress and feelings here. It provides me a lot of support as well. By the way I am due in 3 weeks. I wish you healthy and successful pregnancy.

  8. MarcellaCornett10 months ago

    Wao, congrats for being first pregnant. it resembles flying in the sky. Presently your body is experiencing various physical and passionate changes. You may see a few physical side effects of pregnancy starting as right on time as the main month. Hormonal changes activated by the recently treated egg can cause weakness, bosom delicacy, sustenance desires, queasiness and spewing, clogging, swelling and the requirement for visit pee. its basic to feel an assortment of feelings also. You may feel glad, restless or dubious. Numerous ladies report visit inclination swings. You may feel disappointed that you're related one minute and after that tragic only a brief time later. Albeit early pregnancy, particularly can be overpowering sincerely for a few ladies, the highs and lows are regularly level out as pregnancy advances. You will rest easy in the event that you deal with yourself from the earliest starting point of your pregnancy. Numerous awkward side effects can be lessened through eating right, resting enough, unwinding and working out. On the off chance that you are encountering troubles adapting to these physical or passionate changes, search out a qualified medicinal expert or social specialist to help you through this time.

  9. Mia198410 months ago

    Hi there! Why would you feel lonely when there's another human closest to you? So closest, that it lives inside you. (Okay, I shouldn't have used "it" there.) I was scrolling down to see. If you have written anything about your experiences. But I only saw others. Where have you disappeared? Is everything alright with you? I hope you and baby are doing okay. Love. xx

  10. Linda2210 months ago

    Congratulation! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. It's good that you have joined this forum. You really need lot of support and help when you are pregnant and when there is no one around to share your feelings it become difficult to pass this long and lovely journey. I hope you will get all the support and ears to listen to your progress. Keep us updating here. Good luck!

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