Are you a Pregnant soon to be mom?

It is my first time being pregnant and I am hoping to connect with other pregnant moms for support. It has been sort of lonely, not having anyone to talk to that can truly relate to what I am going through. Feel free to friend me! :)

  1. Tstorm2 weeks ago

    Don't feel bad in the sane boat

  2. Mia8511 week ago

    Aww dear. I've heard that before. Well, don't worry! It's a good thing to be through you're getting it the first time. So, that's a little newbie feeling. Anyway! I wish you my best! xx

  3. tinayork6 days ago

    Awww Dear. There is nothing to be worried about! Because, it's really lucky to be pregnant. You're really in a sane boat @tstorm is right. Just stay relaxed and keep your schedule going. Please also update us with what you're having. Is it a boy or girl? anyway! Stay blessed.

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