Awareness about surrogacy

Hey there how are you all? I hope you all are doing great. I am creating this post so that I can aware people about surrogacy. Surrogacy is a great choice for infertile couples. Surrogacy has a higher success rate than other treatments like IVF and IUI. So always choose surrogacy instead of adoption. Thanks and hoping best for everyone.

  1. Ella Stone10 months ago

    Thank you so much for spreading this helpful information. Infertility is such a major issue and reasons are many. There are numerous couples who are called unexplained infertile. There are bunches of ladies who can't appreciate the motherhood. Here, I totally agree with you that surrogacy and IVF is the only best option left for infertile couples. Surrogacy is exceptionally basic nowadays and It's the best answer for those infertile couples ,who need to have their own particular children, however, have a few issues in them. I myself was in a similar circumstance and was not able to get pregnant because of the undesirable sperm of my husband. After numerous attempts I additionally ended up Infertile.At that time I was so discouraged and depressed. I sought about various clinics offering surrogacy. There are numerous clinics around the universes that are giving surrogacy administrations. Be that as it may, the one in Ukraine is the best.The reason is that as per Ukraine law surrogacy is legitimate there, they have an enormous database of egg contributors. They give convenience and their staff is extremely experienced. My surrogate is pregnant now and I am trusting that everything turns out the best.

  2. Lisa13710 months ago

    Hello, dear thanks for this information. To anyone going through infertility kindly don't lose trust. I know it's hard for you yet I am happy that you are as of now searching for different arrangements in regards to your issue. Among surrogacy and IVF both of these are prescribed. You can have any of these benefited from in any way facility, which you can without much of a stretch find in Europe.

  3. rebecca1210 months ago

    I believe that due to rising infertility, surrogacy is getting common. This is great, actually. It wasn't easy to move on from infertility before, but now it is. Thanks to modernization that life is easy now. Surrogacy is proving to be successful throughout the world. It's true that the success rates are high than any other assisted conception method. It's worth a try, really.

  4. Alicemoon10 months ago

    There is no comparison between IVF and surrogacy. You need to educate yourself on the subject. You are posting incorrect information here. No clinic promises higher success rates for surrogacy as compared to IVF. They are two completely different things. I'm just surprised you made such a post without any knowledge. Stop misleading people. IVF can have high success rates if you select a good clinic. Surrogacy is only an option if you can't conceive at all. If IVF doesn't work for you. I went to a clinic named Lotus once. They kept misleading me as well about their procedures. I'm just mad that people have no regard for others these days. Please do your research before spreading something.

  5. Julietrocks10 months ago

    Hello Amelia! Hope you are doing well! Thanks for sharing this post! Many people are unaware of this term! And the one who is aware of it! They leave things on destiny! Infertility is no doubt a curse! Nothing more than that! But now there is nothing to worry about! Technology has found out many solutions regarding it! Surrogacy has always been the best among all the processes! You should definitely go for it! Thanks

  6. Casie12310 months ago

    I am amazingly happy about your effort of sharing info with everyone. These agonies are a piece of our life and this can transpire. There are numerous other individuals like you who need such motivation. I know numerous individuals who have experienced unsuccessful labors however with the assistance of a facility in Europe they wound up ready to have their own child. My prayers are with those who are facing infertility.

  7. Eliza2210 months ago

    Hey there! Your post seems to be in the favor of surrogacy. However, I would like to correct you a bit. IVF is also a great option for couples that can't conceive. Surrogacy isn't the only solution to infertility. However, you need to select a good clinic for IVF procedure. I do not recommend you Adonis clinic at all. I have read horrible reviews about it. I don't understand what is the reason behind all this. People contact them and they act with complete unprofessionalism. It is quite an irresponsible attitude. They should understand that clinics and doctors are supposed to help people. It should be their first priority. Good luck to all those finding a clinic. Please stay away from Adonis clinic, they are not what you are looking for. I'm speaking from personal experience.

  8. serra10 months ago

    Hey, thank you for sharing the information. Well, it is dependable on the clinic you choose. There are many clinics that offer the best surrogates to have a surrogacy. Apart from that, there are many clinics that are betraying people. Like the one Adonis. They have no such doctors that can help out the people. I am happy that I am here to help you out. Be aware of such clinics. They are just cheating the people. they have nothing to do with your life. So before choosing any clinic, first know about the clinic. Whether they are worthy to pay a visit or not. I hope that it would help you out. My best wishes are with you. I hope that it would work for the people.

  9. Anella2410 months ago

    Thank you dear for sharing your concerns here, Im glad that people are finally talking about surrogacy. And are considering it as a good treatment to fight infertility. I would suggest people go for surrogacy. As i assure them that it's completely safe. And it's not unethical at all. I get to see a lot of misconception being spread among the people sadly.

  10. Victoria Barber10 months ago

    Hello! How are you? Thank you so much for spreading this helpful information. Infertility is becoming very common now. Many people are going through this. Surrogacy and IVF is the only best option left for infertile couples. It is the best option for those who need to have their own particular children. Surrogacy has always been the best among all the processes. I was also infertile for a long time. I got my surrogacy treatment from a well-reputed clinic in Europe. They treated me with great care and respect. Because of their efforts, my dreams come true. Their staff is extremely experienced. They become the source of our happiness. I am really thankful to that clinic. Best wishes to you.

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