Beware everyone.

I'm so heartbroken. I'm weeping. I just don't know what to do. I've been emailing Lotus clinic for so long. my husband is so depressed these days. I'm infertile. we want to have a baby. I reached out to this clinic. but they are not helping us in any sort. is this only happening to me? please help me, somebody. any suggestions of another clinic? this is so mean of them. not acceptable. pray for us. we don't want to lose hope.

  1. Kota861 year ago

    Hello there. Oh my god. this is so sad. I am shocked at this. How can anyone be so careless? I feel your pain. I really hope you find the right place and clinic. Infertility is such a tiring journey. Do not lose hope. We are all here for you. I had no idea there are clinics that take infertility so lightly. I am praying for you. Things will work out. Stay strong and focused. Love and best wishes.

  2. Laura171 year ago

    Dear, don't get sad. Life is made up of ups and downs. This world is not full of only good people. You have to be very careful in choosing the clinic. I have been done a great research to find the good clinic. Finally, I have got a good clinic in Europe. You can have a contact with them. I contacted them and got a quick response. They seem to be very appealing. And the communication system is also good. The doctors are experienced and polite. Many clinics have rude doctors. But this clinic has not that case. They deal with you very politely. In fact, you can meet the head also once a month. I had done my surrogacy from there. It was a successful procedure.

  3. Jade21 year ago

    Oh, my. How are you now Scarlett? I really hope you're okay. Honey, this is bad news! I can't believe you had to go through this. I know, I can relate to your experience. They are a scam! Lotus Clinic is basically frauds. They did the same to me. It was such a horrible experience. Their equipment is outdated. They don't care about the customers. My only advice to everyone is to avoid that clinic. You deserve better! They are evil!

  4. Marilyn Howard1 year ago

    Hi Scarlet. How are you doing? Hope so you are doing fine. Well, I am really feeling very sorry for your bad experience. One of my cousins also had a very bad experience in Lotus clinic. She described to me that the clinic building is so old. Also the staff there is not cooperative. Their behaviour is not good with the patients and surrogate there. Therefore, she left the treatment in the mid. She is feeling very depressed now.

  5. Susan551 year ago

    Hi, How are you? I hope you are fine. You are a strong woman. You have to never give up. Stay strong. This is the only way to defeat infertility. I was also infertile. I contacted Lotus too. They never reply. I mailed them several times. They ignored our messages. They show a very unprofessional attitude. We have to aware all women. They need money. They have no concern for us. Go ahead and find another authentic clinic. Good wishes to you.

  6. Nala8501 year ago

    Hello, Scarlet. I am very sorry for your experience. I've been hearing this a lot. A lot of people are having the same experience with Lotus. This is like a trend now. My friend had the same experience with them. She was so infuriated. She sent them more than a dozen emails. And they didn't respond to a single email. When she called them on their phone, they spoke to her in a harsh way. And then hung up on her. Now she has lost her faith in these fertility clinics. She wouldn't even look for options now. I'm so mad at them for what they did to my friend. This is ridiculous!

  7. Alana901 year ago

    There is nothing like feeling bad. Either the people of the clinic should feel bad about what they have been doing with the infertile individuals. You should make your self enough strong that no one could harm you by any means. Let me tell you one thing that you are not alone in this thing. I have heard about a number of people with whom they have acted similarly. You should seek help from clinics that keep a good track record and successful background. For me, this would count on the days wasted. Which you should never do.Good luck for now.

  8. Ivyanka11 year ago

    Hi Scarlet. How are you? Well, my dear, I am really feeling very sorry for what you have to go through. This is really unfortunate. I suggest all the infertile couple avoid this clinic. My dear, as you asked for suggestion so I want to help you. One of my friends had a very good experience of surrogacy in BioTexCom. That clinic is organizing an event on 18 and 19 August in London. Also, they are offering a free consultation. I think you should go for it. It will really help you. Wish you good luck.

  9. Vicky121 year ago

    Hello, Scarlett. How are you doing honey? I hope you’re alright. I can’t believe this! Oh my god. You don’t deserve it at all. I cannot see why they would do that. They are horrible! I know because I went through the same problem. It was with the same clinic! They are a scam. Honestly speaking, there’s nothing worse than Lotus Clinic. They are simply pathetic. I hated their service. I’m glad I got over it and moved on. I really hope you do too.

  10. Meema121 year ago

    aww, scarlett9999!!! don't do dear. stop weeping. I know conditions are not favorable. the clinic has done so bad to you. but what will be happened now? clinic damn care about our thoughts. they don't bother to look back. I will suggest you don't waste your tears for such selfish people. you deserve something better than that clinic. it I sad that nature never closes his doors before opening other doors. we just need to find them. we can do best if we encourage ourselves first. same words are for you. I know you have lost netter but believe me, this happens so that you can get best. ways are different. just control yourself and act wisely

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