Beware everyone.

I'm so heartbroken. I'm weeping. I just don't know what to do. I've been emailing Lotus clinic for so long. my husband is so depressed these days. I'm infertile. we want to have a baby. I reached out to this clinic. but they are not helping us in any sort. is this only happening to me? please help me, somebody. any suggestions of another clinic? this is so mean of them. not acceptable. pray for us. we don't want to lose hope.

  1. Jasmine2211 months ago

    They are playing a very bad role. Infertility is causing many problems for women. I am against these fake clinics. These all clinics should be banned so people can't trust them from the start. There are many good clinics who are playing their role for the betterment of surrogacy. It is situated in Ukraine. I heard a lot of good things about them. I think they are planning an event in London. let's see what they want to tell all of us.

  2. alice9911 months ago

    Hello there. How are you now? I had the same experience with them. I was so infuriated. I sent them more than a dozen emails. And they didn't respond to a single email. When I called them on their phone, they spoke to me in a harsh way. And then hung up on me. I don't know what to do. I just hope i find some help soon. I need prayers.

  3. Sarahxyz11 months ago

    Thanks for telling us about these clinics.They work only for money.So the people must aware from these clinics.
    I am suffering from infertility.Due to this i do not born baby.Me and my husband want baby to complete family.SO finally we contact with Lotus for surrogacy.Everything will be done.We paid advance money for treatment also.But we reached there for surrogacy we really disappointed,This was really sad moment for us.They cheated us for money.They wasted our time money.They have low experience medical team.People must know about these type of surrogacy clinic and be aware of them.

  4. Amanda Kalvoska11 months ago

    Dear, don't get dismal. Life is comprised of high points and low points. This world isn't brimming with just great individuals. You must be exceptionally watchful in picking the center. there are a loads of extortion facilities. They had opened to trick individuals and grab their cash. Lotus and Adonis both are the most exceedingly terrible on the whole. Lotus had deceived to my dear companion. They gave here phony confidence of achievement. End the end all exertion were squandered. I have been completed an extraordinary research to locate the great facility. At last, I have a decent center in Europe. You can have a contact with them. I reached them and got a brisk reaction. They appear to be extremely engaging. What's more, the correspondence framework is likewise great. The specialists are experienced and well mannered.

  5. Amy Andrew11 months ago

    Thanks for telling us about this clinic.Infertility is curse,Surrogacy is best option for infertile people.People must know about these clinics who play with the feeling and life of people.Government must take action against these clinics.
    I am telling you about the story of my cousin.She is infertile due to this she can't born baby.Surrogacy is the best way for her to born baby.So she decided to go for surrogacy.She contact with Lotus for surrogacy.When she reached there then no body care her.This was really hard moment.She lost her baby.Lotus is just a scam .People must know about these type of clinic who work for money only.

  6. Gomez11 months ago

    Hey there! Hope you're always fine and have a good health. Many peoples are suffering from different kinds of diseases. As like my friend can go for a daily checkup and doctor tell her that you're suffering from infertility. She is very sad about this. Then, doctor recommend the best clinic to her. She visits there and like to get a treatment of surrogacy. She is comfortable and satisfied by this treatment. There doctors are educated and qualified. Nurses also take care of her. Now she is under treatment in this clinic. She can lose their hope totally, but then she give birth to baby after the treatment. Now she's totally fine. The main cause of telling this story is for the patients or peoples to motivate her. There is always a hope in every step of life, but we couldn't see it.

  7. eleesa1211 months ago

    Such a bad experience with that clinic. It's one of the worst clinics you have visited. They are scammers. I am really sorry you have suffered because of this clinic. There is a good clinic in Europe. You should visit them. It will be the best opportunity for you to have your treatments from them. Wish you best of luck for future. Baby dust to you

  8. Anni.nyk11 months ago

    I am a single divorced mother living in the UK. I have been trying to make my ends meet for my baby. After my husband was having affair with our surrogate. We had a rough patch. Until we separated while she was having my son. I was left devastated and angry. Because The Lotus clinic, that helped my surrogacy did not guide me in my contract. I am claiming my baby in court. If my husband marries her. I can't do anything. I wish to blame the clinic and its doctors for my loss.

  9. Hailey2910 months ago

    Please don't be disheartened by this one clinic. I'm so sorry you had to face this bad experience. It really is so bad that they're doing this. But I'm so very sure that you'll find a much better clinic. They definitely do exist. I'd advise you not to give up and keep looking. Wishing you all the best!

  10. kelly23410 months ago

    Hey dear, please don't are not alone in this ship. I want to share my experience with you. About two years ago, I got infertile. Someone suggests me to go to Adonis clinic for my treatment. I tried to contact them. I emailed them. But they don't reply. I was so depressed. I also came to know they are fakely registered. I suggest everyone please choose a better clinic for treatment.

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