Beware everyone.

I'm so heartbroken. I'm weeping. I just don't know what to do. I've been emailing Lotus clinic for so long. my husband is so depressed these days. I'm infertile. we want to have a baby. I reached out to this clinic. but they are not helping us in any sort. is this only happening to me? please help me, somebody. any suggestions of another clinic? this is so mean of them. not acceptable. pray for us. we don't want to lose hope.

  1. TheOptimistic10 months ago

    I am really heart broken by the attitude of the clinic A****s. It is not the first post I have seen. I have come across many similar posts. The major compolaint is about being unresponsive. It is so hard to conceive this attitude. If you are a clinic and you claim to take care of the IPs in pain then I think it is good to be as prompt in response as possible. As the IPs start writing the emails at the early stages they actually want to sow the seed of hope. If the clinic is not responding, it means it is cutting the crops that have not even grown into a seedling.

  2. Hannah.David9 months ago

    I am sure things will get better. Please stay strong! I know such experiences take you back however, you have to be more strong. The clinic I ma visiting is doing an exceptional job. Previously even my experiences were not great but I didn't lose hope. Good luck to you. I hope your process is a success. Sending baby dust your way.

  3. MirandaD6 months ago

    Hey, Scarlet if the clinic isn't responding why are you wasting your time with them? Move forward and visit another clinic. During this journey, it's important to not waste time. I was visiting a clinic for my process, however, all my cycles with them failed. So then I switched to another clinic. This really helped us and has already made things so much better. Therefore, it is very important to research well and then visit the right place. If you need help do let me know.

  4. Juliet393 weeks ago

    I am really sorry about your failed experience. I can understand how hard this must be for you. However, don't lose hope. I am sure things will get better. Just make sure that the clinic you visit this time you research well about them. This is something that really matters and shouldn't be ignored. Good luck to you. Sending baby dust your way.

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