Beware from Scammers

Hey everyone! How are you doing all? Well, today I am going to beware of scammers like adonis clinic. My friend has an infertility issue. She is looking forward to surrogacy. Someone told her about adonis clinic. She was tried to make contact with them. She emailed them for asking information about the treatment and policies. But She was never replied by clinic even a once. She was very disheartened by the behavior of the clinic. Now she is searching for other clinics. I hope she will find a better one. I have heard a lot of complaints about the Adonis clinic. I think it is a scam. So beware of scammers like these. Be careful when you are going to choose a clinic. Best wishes.

  1. Julia Pegg1 year ago

    Hi there. How are you doing. I just read your sad experience. It is really dismaying. Such people play with human feelings. I also experienced a sad case like yours. I am an infertile. I was looking for clinics to get my treatment. Someone suggested me about L***s in Ukraine. I couldn't travel over there. So I mailed them to ask their policy. They didn't replied me. I was wondering why they are showing this irresponsible behaviour. But I waited to receive something from them before flying to Ukraine. I continued asking them for about a month. But there was not a single reply from their side. Such clinics are real scam. Beware of them.

  2. alixx1 year ago

    hope everything is going good.I hope you will be mother soon.i pray for you. Just Don’t lose hope. I can understand your situation. I had a miscarriage in my early that time .me and my husband looking for a good clinic . were i get surrogacy or IVF.for that purpose we contact L***s clinic. I got all contact details and emailed them instantly. Its been weeks now that I am trying to approach them. They have never given any sort of response. I am shocked at their behavior.L***s most worst clinic ever. be aware.god bless you . good luck for future.
    best wishes.

  3. osssi1 year ago

    hey everyone. all of you are doing well. i want to share with all of you, that my cousin is facing problem of infertility from many years. she has so much desire to become mother.she treated herself from different clinic .but she did not get proper treatment. i thing doctors is not understanding her problem. she is getting depress day by day.thats way she is not concentrating on her work .even her domestic responsibilities . due to this problem her married life also getting disturb.i here about a clinic that is in Ukraine.many friends suggest my cousin to go there. in that clinic doctors are very competent . so anyone is here to tell me about that clinic.should my cousin go there for treatment? i will be thankful if someone guide me.
    God bless all of you.have a nice day.

  4. Julie881 year ago

    Hello. I hope you are doing fine. I am really sorry to know about your experience. I am sure it is a sad one. Many people have been complaining about the Adonis clinic. My friend also contacted them. SShe got a reply after several emails. She sent them all her medical reports when they demanded them. After getting the reports there was never any reply. It looked like a total scam to me. This clinic is very unprofessional. It doesn't bother with the patients' feelings. They seem to likely break their trust. One must be safe and select the clinic wisely. We are now helping her to find another clinic which can help solve her problem. Good luck to all those looking for a clinic!

  5. Emma1241 year ago

    Hello there, how are you doing? I feel sorry for you. You are not the only victim. many people are complaining about A****s clinic. I have heard many stories about them. my sister also contacted them. She is an infertile. She wants to be a mom by all means. Her husband suggested her A****s clinic for surrogacy. They are from Ireland. They emailed them and explained their issue. At first they didn't reply. but after sending several emails. They finally replied. They refused any kind of cooperation. They seemed not interested. They are highly unprofessional. It breaks her heart. She decided to contact another clinic. They are friendly and cooperative. We are hoping to hear good news from them.

  6. Julietrocks1 year ago

    Hey Manon! Hope you are doing good! I am sorry to read your experience! I can't believe how can they play with other's emotions! I have heard good about this clinic A****s first! But unfortunately our experience turned out really bad! My friend was a infertile! She had to go to there for her treatment! Treatment is another thing! They did not even bother to call back! We went there and sat for like 3 hours! They said that doctor is not available today! We will call you back! Stay your number with us! She did wait for like 3 weeks but they did not call! She called them for reminder! They did not listen anything and ignore the call! Please be aware of such scammers!

  7. karsynne1 year ago

    Hi there. How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine. We are doing good. I read your post. I feel so bad for you. I recently learned that this has been happening. Why do people do things like that? I guess we will never know. Adonis clinic is really messing up this positive forum experience.

  8. sydney1231 year ago

    Hey, I agree with you. Adonis and Lotus are not good clinics. The staff there is not cooperative. Women should go for surrogacy to the best clinic. There the staff is supportive. I had also a baby through surrogacy. And I went for this process to Europe. I was infertile. I was suffering from fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband stood by me all the time. We both wanted to have a baby. Then we visited Europe for surrogacy. We are now blessed with a baby.

  9. Katty881 year ago

    Hey hope you all are doing good! Infertility is a curse! Its not easy to get rid of it! I have been facing it through 5 years! I went to these clinics as well! They were just scammers! They make people fool and take money from them! I know a bet clinic in Ukraine! That is just wonderful clinic i have ever been to! Wonderful communication level and staff! They have got highly professional doctors! After my visit my 2 friends also visited this clinic! They had an amazing experience as well! So there are good infertility clinics as well! Don't lose hope!

  10. DiannaViktor1 year ago

    Just read your post! thanks a lot! I'm sure many women can get awareness now. I also have heard of their damaged cases. They are really so unprofessional. A friend of mine, who went to Kiev for Adonis was nearly saved from a fraud. Yes! I don't understand that why these corporate entities don't have anything accept profitabilities? Seriously! It's just disgusting on every level. Anyway! Let's hope for the best! Yes, I hope your friend finds a better way. Stay blessed. xx

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