Can I swim during my pregnancy period...

My crazy husband says that swimming can reduce the prenatal depression and stress and wants to install a swimming pool
( for me. Isn’t it too crazy to install a swimming during winter??? He read many articles saying benefits of swimming during pregnancy.

It helps you to keep your weight in a healthy range etc. But I have seen some other article mentioning, swimming during the pregnancy increase their child's risk of eczema and asthma ( Reading this makes me worried. Which is true? Is swimming good for pregnant women or not? Also, what factors should I check prior to a winter swimming?

  1. [ deleted account ]11 months ago

    Just ask your doctor if it's okay!

  2. callisy2 months ago

    I can remember while I was teaching myself to swim. My tutor was pregnant. You cannot imagine how active she was. Very good at what she did. It helped her to keep fit. The kid is now 2 years and very healthy. I have never heard her complain about the child suffering from anything. I don't think of you have anything to worry. Just go ahead and swim. There are disadvantages. That one I cannot disagree. However, the advantages are more. There is a limit when you reach you can stop. Like when you are months and above. But by then if you still feel you can go on, then you can. As far as I know there is no child who has been suffering just because their parents use to swim when pregnant. So you can now balance which way to go. But for me, I could do the swimming. I am currently pregnant and I swim. It is my hobby and I do enjoy it. It is a form of an exercise to keep me fit.

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