Can't get Pregnant

I was able to get pregnant with my first diagnose very easily. 2 yearsater, unprotected sex, 2 rounds of clomid and I still haven't gotten pregnant. Anyone else in the same situation? I need words of encouragement. Really getting bummed about this :(

  1. [ deleted account ]4 years ago

    Here's some input from my friend Lori: I've been there. Two years is long enough to merit gong to a doctor for a consultation, and some possible testing to determine the cause of secondary infertility. You have my support, and I know a lot of other moms out there support you! RESOLVE is a great infertility resource and it's free--I would never have made it through my 9-year ordeal without them. Here's the link.

  2. Elv - Homer Glen4 years ago

    Hamg in there. I had problems getting pregnamt. My hormons were never stable. We almost decided on clomid but we tried and tried and now we have a one year old girl. I guess thats my advise. I also used those ovulation tests. U can get them cheap on amazon. Really helped. Just dont loose hope.

  3. RozJS4 years ago

    Thank you ladies, so sweet! I've been to the dr and so far everything has come back perfect. One more test tomorrow. If you ladies are on fb I would love to connect:)

  4. Cheerio7774 years ago

    In prayer for you RozJS. He answered my prayer in 2012 with my son who now two. I was 35.

  5. Luciane 4 years ago

    Your guy needs to be tested too.

  6. Cheerio7774 years ago

    God will bless you with a child in a way you can never plan good enough.i became a mom at 35 and was a miracle

  7. luciey1 year ago

    I can understand all the pain that you went through. Life is so much unfair sometimes and we tend to wonder why things have to happen the way they do. As a victim of such a painful experience, I was devastated and traumatized. I knew it from the word go I could not sire a baby. So I was always worried at all times. Time could pass and keep me wondering why I have to suffer. All I needed was proper diagnosis and the right fertility treatment. I know it pains and all that can leave you in anguish. It was only after an afterthought that I decided to seek IVF egg donation. I know things will get better on your side.

  8. margaret_901 year ago

    Hey RozJs, it looks like it has been two years since your last post. And I am glad to see that it was a positive one where you said things came back perfect. Happy for you. How'd things go from there? Would you please share your story? I am looking for some encouragement on this forum from women who have faced problems and overcame them. It really gives me hope and inspires me a lot. Thank you

  9. ranarocky61 year ago

    well hello!,
    first off, every pregnancy is different from the other, irrespective of how much apart they are. The very first thing you most definitely need to do is visit a doctor and see how things go. But having said that, i can definitely understand what a harrowing experience this must all be. In terms of trying to pregnant and you get bummed out after trying so hard. I feel your pain and know exactly whats its like. let me tell you that you are not alone here. infertility is a major problem that does not just physically wear you out , but mentally bogs you down you know? it is tough going. you have all the support you need right here. in my journey i was told to turn to IVF and by some mercy we hit it on the first try. But we were extremely lucky for that to have happened. however the wait is what kills the most, the expectancy and such you know? but... after all that, it is most definitely worth it. you just have to find a way and keep your head above the water in whatever way you can and you will be just fine! Take care and things do work out !

  10. Shibata1 year ago

    Hi. Two years is quite a long time. I can understand your disappointment. I would suggest going to a doctor. Maybe something happened after your first pregnancy. Did you have a normal term? Or were there any complications. I hope you manage to figure things out.

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