Can't get Pregnant

I was able to get pregnant with my first diagnose very easily. 2 yearsater, unprotected sex, 2 rounds of clomid and I still haven't gotten pregnant. Anyone else in the same situation? I need words of encouragement. Really getting bummed about this :(

  1. Boone5 months ago

    Do you want to get pregnant? If that s the deal then you should go to some doctor for your condition. I guess everything is alright for you. If you are not pregnant yet. Give it another try. Never stop ttc. It's not like it's going to overlap or something. It's going to be best for you. Just keep trying and hope for the best. Everything is going to be very good for you dear. Just don't lose hope.

  2. Marilyn Howard4 months ago

    Hi Dear. Well, two years is like a very long period. No doubt, trying to conceive is not an easy task but usually, it takes 6 months to conceive a baby. I think you should consult with a doctor. They will better guide you to what to do now? But my dear, don't lose hope and stay strong.

  3. Ivyanka14 months ago

    Hey Roz. Don't lose hope and stay strong. Trying to conceive is not an easy task at all. SO you have to keep trying until you succeed. No matter, how many time you fail my dear but you have to move on. One of my friends tried for 7 years before she conceived her first child. keep the faith and keep trying.

  4. eilsie4 months ago

    It is natural. Don't over think. Taking stress may cause late pregnancy. I will suggest you take proper sleep. Avoid taking the stress and eat healthily. I am sure you will conceive soon. Otherwise, visit any fertility clinic and discuss surrogacy or IVF with them.

  5. Nida John4 months ago

    Hey dear, how are you? I hope you are fine and in good health. Well, dear, two years is no doubt very long period. Being not able to conceive is indeed the very hard phase of women life. Don't lose hope. Things will be alright. Go visit some prominent clinics for the checkup.

  6. melissastan3 weeks ago

    Hello. How are you doing? Two years is a long time. Clomid might now be helping here. I think its time to see your doctor about this. Maybe some other medication might help. Your doctor will decide that. If nothing happens, you can choose other methods of getting pregnant as well. Talk to your doctor about your options. There are IUI and IVF that might work in your situation. This isn't the end of the world so don't feel so awful. Staying positive is the key. I'm pretty sure you'll find the solution to your problem soon. Let me know how your doctor's appointment goes. If you need any guidance or clinic recommendations for treatment, ill be happy to help. Good luck.

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