Can't get Pregnant

I was able to get pregnant with my first diagnose very easily. 2 yearsater, unprotected sex, 2 rounds of clomid and I still haven't gotten pregnant. Anyone else in the same situation? I need words of encouragement. Really getting bummed about this :(

  1. Railee3 months ago

    Oh, no that's not good. I think you're experiencing secondary infertility. I think that's what you mean. I'm a bit confused about your post. It could be the case that you have given birth first, but you can't now. It's okay to be in this situation. These are quite common, too. There are lots of reasons for it. There are lots of solutions for it, as well. So, don't worry about it. I would advise you to visit a fertility clinic. They can explain the situation better and help you out. My prayers are with you. Good luck on your journey, honey! I hope it happens, soon.

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