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I am trying to conceive and i have some queries regarding the planning. Currently i am on birth control pills for the last 3 years after i had one abortion.
The thing is that, now that i am trying to conceive, should i sop using the pills immediately. Will this solve the purpose? Is there any side affect on immediately planning after stopping the pill? Should we be using contraceptives? I do not want any complications later, hence your suggestions are very important for me.
I have spoken to the doctor and they are saying to hold on for one month until i get my normal periods.
Is that correct? However i am having immense abdominal pain these days.
Pls let me know how to proceed with this.

  1. Jyotsna3 weeks ago

    Hi Neha

    First of all thanks for your clear view and questions. If you try to conceive please stop using the contraceptives. The long term usage of contraceptive pills would unnecessarily create hormonal changes. If you meet hormonal problems, then you will be put on drugs. So, avoid all those. Before planning your pregnancy note down your menstrual cycle. If it is regular, then conception is easy. In case if you have an irregular menstrual cycle that should be regulated. As per your query already you had one abortion. So, the next baby should be planned perfectly without any mess up. You wait till the next menses; give at least one to two months gap to make you physically and mentally fit as per the doctor’s advice.

    You told you have immense abdominal pain. Sometimes, regular contraceptive use may produce such side effects. However, do not neglect the issue. Consult your doctor and explain her regarding your pain. She may clinically examine you, sometimes you will be advised to go for an ultrasound scan to trace out the exact problem. Do not worry about your conception. There are many latest techniques arrived in the medical field. Don’t give more strain to your body; especially do not lift heavy weight. Since you are planning for the baby, do discuss with your husband. Keep your mind free. As I told you, stop the contraceptives immediately. A sudden stop will never cause any problem. Visit your Gynaec along with your husband, discuss in brief about your conception plan. She is the right person who could help out the best.

    All the best for your expecting motherhood.

  2. ranarocky62 weeks ago

    Hi neha,
    yes must stop the contraceptive pills. However i hope you are following the day1-day 28 on taking the pills as per the prescription? it is always advisable to stop the pills once you have completed a cycle of taking them till your next day. it is never advisable for you to stop them immediately as they are pills of progesterone and remember that hormonal imbalance can wreak havoc. As your doctor suggested, wait for your periods to come and once they stop you can consider trying to get pregnant on the 12-15 days of ovulation where you do stand a chance for pregnancy. Also before you start trying, inform your doctor and start on some pre natal pills that can enhance your chances of pregnancy like folic acid. it is obviously best to stop using contraceptives anyway. if you are experiencing abdominal pain, you can check the calender first and see if your cycle time in nearing, you could be getting your period early, else you need to consult with your doctor As for getting pregnant you need not worry as once you stop using contraceptives and start trying while also keeping your doctor informed, you should be fine. even otherwise, there are many options out there these days. So don't stress, you should be fine! Happy motherhood to you!

  3. Emma05062 weeks ago

    Hello dear, first of all I am sorry you had an abortion. While I dont know the circumstances an abortion is never a pleasant experience and I am sorry you had to go through that. Also I am glad that you want to have a child, I think you are doing the right thing asking for some advice, so let me help you with this. Well as many others have told you, you need to stop taking the pill and while I understand your concerns let me tell you there aren't negative side effects for stopping taking them. That being said there are some changes which may occur to you after you stop taking and it will take some time for your body to adapt. First of all it will help you with conception a lot, some studies reveal that from the women who manage to get pregnant 90% of them are women who had just recently stopped taking the pill. Another study does reveals that this women who had stopped taking the pill usually get pregnant at around 1 year time. What your doctor tells you is true you should wait till your period becomes stable. After stopping taking the pill your AF will be quite a mess and I don't know if your periods stopped but it may take them a few months to come back and they may not follow the same cycle you had before and change a little because of the pill. Another side effect would be you may suffer heavier and crampier periods when they come back. Although this would be only if before you took the pill you had a lot of blood and pain with your periods, it that wasn't the case then there won't be a problem. So far that is all I know it may happen to you. I wish you good luck, keep us posted.

  4. dazzy shahu2 weeks ago

    Hi Neha, I want to calculation for your better planning to conceive effectively. I am here for you to provide easy and effective way to solve your problem in professional way. First of all, you have to stop using the contraceptive pills to conceive easily. It will create hormone imbalance in your body that create future problem for you to conceive effectively. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. You should note down your monthly period cycle in regular to conceive effectively. Irregular period cycle is negative result that requires proper planning to conceive effectively. I consult with popular gynecologist of Ukraine to get effective treatment of my problem. It is not easy job to handle this horrible problem without stress and depression. You can start proper stress and depression management to reduce its harmful effect and get maximum benefit in short time period to create win-win situation for you.
    I want to suggest you follow these valuable and powerful tips and tricks that have capacity to conceive effective to enjoy healthy baby gift in your life that fulfill your whole life with happiness. I hope you strictly follow these guidelines very well to achieve your target in short time period like me. You should understand your body signal very well to maintain your body hormones system in balance with proper balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. You should not compromise with your health at any cost. You get sudden magic effect with healthy lifestyle in your health. You should give prefer to rich iron food with fiber that enhance your hemoglobin level in blood to conceive effectively. You can use yoga and meditation to reduce stress and depression from your body and mind.

  5. priyaangel25871 week ago

    Hello my dear friend, I can understand your problem and I hope you will find a good solution of your problem at this forum. It is very important to understand the complexity of pregnancy to face this challenge. If you want to conceive a baby now, it is very important that you stop your birth control pills right now. These pills are made to control pregnancy and it will cause various hormonal changes in your body. If you want to conceive a baby after leaving these birth control pills, you should give your body some time to recover. Your body needs some time to become normal and then you will be ready to conceive a baby. If you want to increase the chances of pregnancy, it is important to switch to a Healthy lifestyle. You should add some regular exercise and yoga in your daily routine because it will help your body to stay fit and active for pregnancy. You should also add some healthy nutrition to your lifestyle so that you can get help to recover your body from all hormone changes due to birth control pills. If you are facing abdominal pain, it can be because of some side effects of birth control pills so you should consult any health expert to find the solution of this problem. They can provide you good advice with some essential tests and you will find help to recover your body from effects of birth control pills. When you are using regular exercise and yoga to stay active and fit, it is important that you can know about some lightweight and relaxing exercises because you should not give much stress on your body during this phase. I hope you will come see you soon and will find a happy and normal pregnancy.

  6. Neha55 days ago

    Thankyou all so much .!! This provides a good direction and support from all of you :)

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